The most powerful person in the DCU

I have been reading a lot of books lately and there are a lot of powerful people in the DCU . Like Lex Luthor. People being the key word. But I think the most powerful person is Amanda Waller. I might be crazy but what do you think?


Well, Oliver Queen’s very accurate with a bow and arrow. That’s nothing at which to sneeze.


If it’s people being the key word then I’ll say darkseid with Gordon Godfrey working together to manipulate the minds of the people of the world to turn against their heroes that protect them


Amanda Waller definitely has a lot of potential, but I think the problem with calling her one of the most powerful is she makes two enemies for every asset she claims and most of her power comes from those assets.

I’d say that Dr. Fate or Captain Atom have to be pretty far up there on the list.


Shazam, maybe? The wizard, not Captain Marvel.

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Though if you mean political power, then I’d say that any given Guardian of the Universe carries more authority than just about anybody else given the extensiveness of the Green Lantern Corps’ jurisdiction. Top of the heap for terrestrial types might be Luthor because of the sheer resources he has to throw around, or maybe Barbara Gordon when she was actively maintaining her information network as Oracle.

Perpetua is pretty high up on the list. I wouldn’t say most powerful, but she’s no slouch in power either and outranks many other powerful characters, for whom their idea of power is laughable to her.

She birthed the Monitor and Anti-Monitor so, she’s a bit grouchy.

Amanda Waller killed Brainiac once, so yeah she’s not to be dismissed

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The head of programming

Phantom Stranger would top my list, followed close by Vandel Savage.

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The Spectre, particularly in his 80’s version where he was the Incarnation of the Wrath of God.

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@Vroom Perpetua is not a person but more of a celestial so she may not count.

@DeSade-acolyte, I don’t know to much about Phantom Stranger but Vandal Savage would be up there. I agree.

@Zatanna, I am kinda surprised you did not say Zatanna. Lol!

@dogwelder9 Imperiex is certainly a contender. I feel like he’s tremendously underrated amongst the major villains of the DCU.

Fun Fact: Vic’s dad on Doom Patrol (actor Phil Morris) voiced Imperiex on the Legion of Super-Heroes TV series.


Lucifer Morningstar. Literally Satan.

Me. No one else.

@Batwing52 The Sandman defeated Lucifer Morningstar aka the Devil with a single sentence. “What power would hell have, if not for dreams of heaven ?”

I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the question. I think OP means people with political power and influences, like forbes most powerful list. Not winning in a fight. I would say Luthor depending on the version; mostly because he’s very popular so they like to make him powerful.


Had to think for a minite… it does say Most powerful PERSON, as opposed to “being”, a worthwhile distinction to make in the DCU. Myx, and the pink Thumderbolt are not “persons”.