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I’ll take an espresso if you’re offering.

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My favorite decade era for Superman will have to be the 90s, from 1990-1999 there’s so many great different stories of him! :smiley:


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The '90s are one of my favorite eras of Superman.

You had the introduction, and vast majority of, the Triangle Era, The Trial of Superman, the wedding, the Blue and Red saga and oh yes, The Death and Return of Superman, my all-time favorite DC story, Superman story and overall comic book story.

The '90s were the bomb, yo! :metal:t2:

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My friend, is there a thread where one could perchance discuss the amazing backup to Action Comics #5 by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross? :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of offhand, but if you want, you’re welcome to discuss it (and other :superman:uper things that don’t have an existing thread) here.

Super! :wink:

So, for Action Comics #5, the backup by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross, I really loved how sensitive Sholly is about the whole situation. Jonathan and Martha are so well drawn, the various options are explored carefully, and the structure, as always, displays impeccable craft - building tension beautifully until the final scene, where we know what’s going to happen. (I got inspired to read the backup from a great interview with Sholly on youtube: IVAN COHEN & SHOLLY FISCH for Batman & Scooby Doo Mysteries — Feb 2022 Kids' Club Selection - YouTube, and I am super glad I did!) I have to say, I know Morrison gets all the splash for the Action n52 run, but I really want to just read the backups now (since I’m just not a fan of Morrison, even the famous All Star Superman).

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I see what you did there.

does a golf clap

The New 52 Action back-ups are indeed a swell read. Feel free to chime in with additional thoughts on them.

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