The Modern Age Superman Club Week 9: 🎃 The Insect Queen 🎃

Happy Friday, and Happy DC FanDome weekend, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!
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This week, we return to writer Kurt Busiek’s run on Superman, with “The Insect Queen”. This three-part arc is perfect for the Halloween season, as it features things that go bump in the night and it will give you a chill down your spine. Read on for the ghoulish details! :scream:

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  • Have you read The Insect Queen?

  • This story wasn’t the first time Superman was changed into something outside of his normal look. Do you have any favorite tales of Superman when he’s looked less than normal/super?

  • What are your thoughts on writer Kurt Busiek’s tale, and where it fits into his larger run on Superman? If this story is your first time reading something from his run on the book, did you like it, and does it make you want to dive further into his run?

  • Anything else that comes to your :superman:uper mind, super fan! :superman_hv_4:

That’s the adventure for the Man of Steel this week, fans! Keep the lights on, grab a can of Raid (or a fly swatter) if need be, and take part in the thrills and chills of…:jack_o_lantern: The Insect Queen! :jack_o_lantern:

As always, have fun and stay super! :superman: :superman_hv_3:



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For those of you that are TPB collectors, this story can be found in Superman: Shadows Linger. I have this on the shelf and that is about to be transferred to my stack of books to read!

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@darkstarz I’m sure you’ll enjoy our li’l adventure this week. More Busiek to come, BTW!

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Insect Queen was a fun sci-fi/horror romp. The Insect Queen, herself, reminded me of a Witchblade villain or a character from InSEXts, which I highly suggest but is for a mature audience. Yes, she wanted to take over the world but she was doing it because that is part of her society. I like when I am able to sort of sympathize with the villain. I probably should have the book/books leading up to this story just for background into Chris Kent. Obviously, it isn’t needed but I like to know who the characters are. Also, I would hope if I knew his story I would be less annoyed by him. Then again, that hardly ever helps me to be less annoyed by a character, (queues up Prince’s Controversy) looking at you Jason Todd, and Jason Todd 2 Damian Wayne. Anywho, yeah, I enjoyed this story, well the Superman stuff anyway. There was a scene that reminded me of that scene in Bugs where the entire floor was covered with bugs and was crazy creepy. Then the entire moon base and seeing all of the moon base workers have no idea what was happening reminded me of Iron Sky.

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I’m mature (well, most of the time :smirk: :wink:). I’ll take some info on that, if you’re doling it out, good sir.

I think I’ve seen that, but if I haven’t, then I don’t think I want to. Or…do I?

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Written by Marguerite Bennett has a very strong feminist/LGBTQ+ storyline, while I don’t consider that to be mature subject matter, the crazy amount of sex scenes is what pushed it into that realm. In a nutshell, these women become insects and some bad people die along the way in the Victorian era yarn.

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I love her! I’m going to look into this! Thank you for mentioning it. :metal:t2: :clark_hv_4:

As for Bugs, I will pass. Thank you for the trailer, though. :slight_smile:

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