The Modern Age Superman Club Week 10: 🎃 Tricks and Treats starring The Man of Steel and Friends 🎃

Happy Friday @ModernAgeSupermanClub! I hope you’re ready to do the Monster Mash, because this week is packed with monstrously good reads that are just perfect for the Halloween season!

:superman: Read:

  • Supergirl (1996-2003) #11. Silver Banshee is on the loose!

  • Superman: The Man of Steel #85 . Jimmy Olsen vs. Darkseid’s maniacal monster minions, Mokkari and Simyan! If you don’t know who those two are, this ish is a great introduction point to them. :+1:t2:

  • Superman/Batman #65. Curious what scares Superman, Batman, The Joker and Lex Luthor? Supernatural writer Peter Johnson has the answers in this Halloween tale!

  • Supergirl (2006-2011) Annual #2. What’s Halloween like 1,000 years in the future when Supergirl visits the Legion of Super Heroes? Find out here (hint: Its a treat)!

:superman: Discuss:

  • What was your favorite spooky read from this week’s selections?

  • Do you have any Superman-related Halloween traditions?

  • Anything else that comes to your super mind, super friend.

Those are the treats for this week, fans of Superman and Halloween! Four sweet reads, two of which involve All Hallow’s Eve, while the others invoke the spirit of it in a way that is most swell and :superman:uper!

Enjoy, and have a fantastic Halloween, Super Fans! I’ll see you in the first week of November for a feast of an adventure!