:00_dc_pride_bs: :superman: The Modern Age Superman Club Pride Month Micro-Read: Superman and The Authority :superman: :00_dc_pride_bs:

Happy :rainbow_flag: Pride Month :rainbow_flag:, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!

We’re celebrating with Grant Morrison’s latest adventure to star The Man of Steel, Superman and The Authority!

What happens when The Multiverse’s Greatest Hero teams with The Authority (one of the greatest bands of ass-kickers in pop culture, be it in comics or otherwise)?

Check out this :point_down:t2: thrilling adventure to find out!

Chit-chat to crack a skull by, Authority-style:

:boom: Is this your introduction to The Authority and/or Grant Morrison-written Superman tales?

:boom: What’s your favorite Grant Morrison-penned Superman adventure? From JLA to All-Star Superman and The New 52 volume of Action Comics (among others), Morrison has certainly left his mark on The Man of Tomorrow.

:boom: Who was your favorite member of The Authority in this series?

As always, you’re welcome to chat about whatever else comes to your mind regarding this series, The Authority (the best super-team that isn’t the Justice League, just sayin’ :wink:) and, of course, Superman!

Enjoy the adventure :superman:uper fans, and Happy Pride Month!



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This is a great series, I’m on the second issue right now and enjoying it again. :smiley:

Also, speaking of this specific series, this reminds me of a meme I saw a while back:


Hey, @Jay_Kay! :superman_hv_4:

This is indeed a solid book. Whether one is into Morrison, Superman and/or The Authority (all 3, ideally :wink:) this mini hits the mark, and then some.

I look forward to your thoughts as you finish the series (cute meme, too :clark_hv_4:). :+1:t2:

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It was great to go back and reread this story. I remember when I read it the first time, I was mostly enjoying it, but one part of me was reading and thinking “Why would Morrison take three issues out of a four-issue mini just to form the team together?” I thought that since this would likely be the last time we see a team like this, it was a shame to “waste” all that time. But hindsight is 20/20, and seeing all those character continue to play a part in Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s amazing Action Comics, this story now works incredibly well as an introduction to this book and as a weird but great addition to PKJ’s overall story.

Definitely not – I hadn’t read a lot of Authority books but I knew of them.

That’s a hard one – it might be the safe answer, but I might have to go with All-Star Superman. I think it’s not only one of the best Superman stories ever, it’s one of the best superhero stories period. I also really enjoyed his New 52 run on Action Comics.

Another hard one. I think Manchester Black probably has the most screentime of the group, and he does provide a good contrast to Superman. He’s also kind of annoying, but I think he was purposefully so. I also liked the changes to Enchantress to this, where she’s able to consolidate both sides of herself, I’m curious to see if this continues in future stories.

Always cool to see Nat take on a big role, and of course can never go wrong with Midnighter and Apollo. I think Lightray and OMAC could be interesting, but we get the least amount of screentime, but what we see does have potential.

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I will probably re-read this once Johnson gets around to finishing up War World and I eventually read that. but I just found the four issue mini unsatisfying, particularly if it ends up being the last long-formish (e.g. other than one shot volumes like his Flash Multiversity Too book, even if it’s GN length) thing Grant does for DC.

I did enjoy it but there’s no real there there, frankly. It spends far too long assembling the team and it’s pointless in that regard as far as I can see, even based on what Johnson has been doing so far (I’ve not read the issues but I’m aware of what’s going on). It also feels like a waste of Morrison’s talent. It could have been a one shot handled by pretty much anyone else on DC’s payroll.

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Agreed, word for word.

Superman and The Authority is a fine tale on its own, but when you weave it into PKJ’s Action, it gains an entirely new level of entertainment value.

SN: This is one of my favorite issues (and covers, as well) from PKJ’s Action run:

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