💥 💥 The Modern Age Superman Club Micro-Read: The Zod Squad 💥 💥

General Zod has joined the Rebirth-era Suicide Squad and everything goes according to plan.

Or does it, @ModernAgeSupermanClub? Not if Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator have their way!

Lock and load for some fun Squadies, and as only a Suicide Squad led by a deranged Kryptonian can deliver it, by checking out these rad reads:

Jot your thoughts about these books down below, and as always:

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Oh I’ve gotta read this!

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Its pretty :superman:lick stuff.

Not only because Tony Daniel did the art (which is reason enough to read it), but because its General Zod on the Suicide Squad! :grin:

Also, the rhyming potential of “Zod” and “Squad” absolutely make it worth one’s time. :superman_hv_4:

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