The Modern Age Superman Club Micro-Read: Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman

Greetings @ModernAgeSupermanClub! I hope you’re having a :superman:uper-:wonderwoman:onderful week and are ready for a quick and easy adventure from Future State!

To continue our celebration of Women’s History Month (you can find our first WHM topic right here), we’ll be taking a look at the Wonder Woman of tomorrow herself, Yara Flor, as she stars alongside the Superman of tomorrow (and today, as seen in the pages of Superman: Son of Kal-El), Jon Kent, in :fireworks: :superman: Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman! :00_wonder_woman_stars: :fireworks:

What to read:

Discuss whatever comes to mind about this tip-top two issue tale, and for more of Yara Flor and the Jon Kent Superman on DC Universe Infinite, check these series out:

Enjoy, and stay :wonderwoman:onderful, :superman:uper Fans!
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Permission to only brush up through these by skimming instead of full on re-reading. Sorry for being lazy :joy:.


Whatever floats your reading boat, Bibbo! :superman_hv_3:

Dude, don’t apologize. To paraphrase Gordon Gecko, “Lazy…is good. Lazy…works.” :grin:

Within reason, obvs. :clark_hv_4:

stretches out and lazes about


It was great to see Jon and Yara be friends together. The breakfast at the end was a nice touch. I liked them switching off opponents as well.


Hiya, scoop!

Agreed. I’ve read this mini a few times now, and that always makes me say “Awww.”

Agreed on both points. Those were but two high notes of a solid little series.

Have you read any of the other Future State titles that star Yara and/or Jon?


Yes, I read them as they came to DCUI. I still like Clark and Diana, but I enjoyed reading Jon and Yara’s stories.


Not to spill the beans, but you’ve a treat in the coming weeks. Don’t tell the MASC owners I told though, m’kay? :shushing_face:

They do go together well. It’d be fun to see them in live-action and/or animation and see how they’d be written for those mediums (hopefully as well as they were in this mini, at minimum).


This was a solid little two part story. I don’t know if it was the art style or the usage of Solaris, but I got an All-Star Superman vibe from this. You have these big heroes doing these impossible, almost abstract things like fighting suns and racing gods.

Jon and Yara had a good dynamic, but I think the world around them was a little more interesting than the Solaris and sun god stuff, but it was the best fit for the amount of pages.


Hiya, @Jay_Kay! :wave:t2:

Interesting, interesting.

I’ve read this mini a few times (easy to repeatedly bang out when its only two issues, afterall), and never really made that connection, but having that in mind now, I definitely dig it.

So, here’s a question for anyone who’s read Yara and Jon in FS S/WW and Future State: Justice League:

Which title showcased them in the best way?

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