The Modern Age Superman Club: Greg Rucka's Lois Lane

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, @ModernAgeSupermanClub! :partying_face: :tada: :four_leaf_clover:

As you celebrate the holiday (responsibly, of course :wink:), the club will be continuing its celebration of Women’s History Month, this time looking at the woman who arguably set the trend for all women to come in the DC Universe (being that she was its first major female character), the one, the only…Lois Lane!

Not just any Lois Lane either, but :star2: Greg Rucka’s Lois Lane :star2: mini-series that ran from 2019 to 2020.

Check out the details below for the scoop on this absolutely fantastic read!

Discuss any Pulitzer-worthy things that comes to mind about this series, who your favorite Lois is (regardless of entertainment medium), what makes for a well-written Lois on the page, etc., etc.

That’s the scoop! Celebrate a special, :superman:uper lady who isn’t a superhero in the traditional sense, but is still an inspiration all the same (and then some), and one who set a new standard for badass, inspirational heroism, by checking out Greg Rucka’s magnum opus, Lois Lane.

Enjoy! :superman_hv_3: :superman:


I enjoyed this series a lot. I loved seeing Lois and Clark’s interactions. It was also great to see her working with Renee Montoya. It was fun to see Lois being a great investigative journalist.


S’up, scoop?

Me too, me too. Its the best Superman-related book of the last 3 years, no joke.

The writing is crisp and taught, the characters and the overall plot are great and its as intriguing a read from the first to the last issue, a feat that many mini-series aren’t able to lay claim to.

Right? I’d love to see a LA production showcase Lois and Renee working together, and with nods to this series. Maybe in a future episode of Superman and Lois? :man_shrugging:

Absolutely. Seeing her in her element is always highly enjoyable, and especially when it’s under Greg Rucka’s pen.

As always, thanks for chiming in, scoop! :superman_hv_4:


I will echo Scoop here, this is a great series. I still haven’t read any of the Leviathan books which I am sure could have helped me enjoy some of the backstories a little more. Even without that knowledge, this was a great read and showcased Lois in the best way possible.


Reads issue #9 then world nearly ends.

I really enjoyed this series as well. This was a real happy time having monthlies again for Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Greg Rucka absolutely nails it with the adventure and danger of a journalist. Unfortunately, our world’s journalists have had to deal with more Lois level danger in recent years, so this series hits a little too much into the real world.

I’m glad Bendis was able to talk DC into launching a Lois series and hope someone else will be able to do it again soon. (and Jimmy too)


How-do, @D4RK5TARZ! :wave:t2: :clark_hv_4:

Feel free to skip Event Leviathan in full, because as I recall, it didn’t have anything to directly do with this series.

Skip it in any event, because, you know, Event Leviathan. :wink:

The Leviathan stuff in Action Comics was pretty decent, and is worth at least one read-through.

I fully agree. For someone who’s new to comics in general, or at least Superman comics, this mini is the title I’d recommend when they ask for something that shows why Lois Lane is Lois Lane.

Its a perfect encapsulation of her, while also being a dynamite tale in general.

Thanks for stoppin’ by! :superman_hv_4:


Ahoy, @CaptainYesterday!

Indeed. Fraction’s Jimmy Olsen was also a highly-enjoyable read. It doesn’t seem to get the claim that Lois Lane does, however (I hope that changes over time).

Agreed. I’m sure you’ve read the issues of Rucka’s run on Adventures where Lois was shot while covering a conflict in the Middle East.

That story feels like a spiritual prequel to LL, to an extent.

I’d love to see Rucka do a sequel titled Lois and Jimmy. Renee could pop in again, which would give us a ragtag Trinity to root for.

Thanks for pulling into port, Cap! :+1:t2:


I got the feeling that the Lois story got kind of highjacked…and there were definitely some things that they alluded to, then got dropped…like what really happened in space with her father-in-law??? They definitely need to give Rucka another shot…hopefully with the same team-up! Renee and Lois!! Let’s keep this going…


Absolutely agree! I will happ-happ-happily buy another Rucka-penned LL series.

Well, I’ll buy any LL book, since I’m a mark for Superman…

and I’ll buy pretty much anything by Greg Rucka…

…but yes, I wholeheartedly endorse more adventures of Lois and Renee and the sooner, the better.


I would definitely buy a Lois Lane book or mini-series and was really glad to see DC do this, but never got around to reading it as I was mostly avoiding all the Bendis related (except for Fraction’s Jimmy Olson run with Lieber, because Fraction and Lieber, of course), but I did really love the variants for this run. It’s, for example, interesting to note that Evely (working with a different colorist) did variants for this run that are nice but nowhere near as gorgeous as the work she did for covers on Woman of Tomorrow.

I will likely be getting around to it sometime before the end of the summer, hopefully, before I sit down and try to read the entirety of the War World stuff, so hopefully I’ll chime in more productively then!