The March Walmart 100 Page Giants Are Out.

I did an eBay check this morning and sure enough, they’re a hittin’.

This month’s releases are:

-Superman #9
-Batman #9
-Wonder Woman #2
-The Flash #2
-Titans #2
-Swamp Thing #2

The new content in this line has been great and got even better with last month’s relaunch. In particular, Gail Simone’s Flash is fun and Tim Seeley’s Swamp Thing chills dem bones.

Here’s a look at the covers of the new issues:

Happy Hunting!


Time to run by a few Wallys today. Thanks, Vroom!

I found 'em tonight. Flash guest starring in Superman Giant #9 looks intriguing. Definitely at the top of the stack.

Hope others are finding the newbs =)

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Ooooh! I hope there is a swampthing out there for me! :heart_eyes:

I thought they stopped Batman at issue 7 till the 100 Page Giants were stock this month and I saw issue 9. I got lucky and one of my local AN hadn’t gotten the new comics and they had 1 Batman issue 8.

@LPC76 Nice! Always good to get caught up :slight_smile:

Always get Supes and again, their selling good at my Wally…near empty DC comic box when i left.

I love these comics my self, I also love the Target exclusive DC Primal Age comic. I have Superman 1-9. I have all of the Flash, Wonder Woman, Titans,Swamp Thing and both special issues. I need issues 4&7 of Batman, I need issues 4,5&7(?) of Justice League and I think I need issues 4 of Teen Titans to have them all. I’m not big into buying single issues these days but the 100 Page Giants I look forward to buying.

@LPC76 I love these too!

So much so that the Giant Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman titles have replaced the current regular, titular ongoing series of each of those characters as my current titular"Go To Title" for each of them. Titans Giant will soon take the place of the regular Titans series after it ends next month as well.

I was only able to snag the Teen Titans issue. There was also the full issue Shazam! comic collection which was quite fat. Didn’t grab it, but will some other time just to have a physical copy :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen the Wal-Mart Detective Comics Batman 80th Anniversary 100-page Giant comic (NOT Detective Comics #1000 or the 80th Anniversary book released this past week) that some people have started posting on eBay??

@invaderzim56, thank you so much for bringing this book to our attention!

I posted a thread pertaining to the 'Tec Giant so as to increase its awareness amongst our members.

Thanks again =)

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I remember reading somewhere (or could it be wishful thinking?) that they will be collecting the new stories from these Giants for TPBs at LCS, is this true?

It’s true. There will be collected editions of the new material from this line released at some point later in the year.

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also cool, thanks VRoom :metal: