The March 100-Page Giants Are Out

This month’s books are the fourth issues of Batman, The Flash, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman (picture courtesy of eBay).

Enjoy. :flash_hv_1:

Fun Fact: I saw two kids poring over the box of Giants at the Walmart I procured my books (all but Batman) from. I meandered to other areas of the store, and when I came back the kids were gone.

Kids do like comics. I predict one of them will be the next Geoff Johns.



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Scooby: “Ruh roh Raggy, it’s a Ralon!”

Fred: “No, kids. That Talon is just Old Man McGerrity.”

OMM: “I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for you kids and your dog! Oh, and Batman’s Thrasher Suit and freezing tech, too”.

When does Titans #2 come out?

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Should be this time next month. Like the other ongoing Giants, it’s bi-monthly, so it will be out alongside the next issues of Aquaman and Superman. Also, DC seems to have switched releasing these from the third Friday of each month to the second Friday.

If you’re wanting the direct market edition of Titans #1, it hits stores this coming Wednesday.