The Many Lives of HAWKMAN

Whether an archeologist or museum curator, Carter Hall spreads his wings in many directions. He is indeed the quintessential character within tbe DC Universe, from JSA early days to Rebirth. Nth metal does wonders.

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My first experience with Hawkman was his Brave and Bold appearances by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert. It is great and in our library. One issue is missing

In my opinion things went downhill with Hawkworld a good story that should not have involved Kather.

Then there were two Hawkmen both looking similar with widely different origins and almost identical secret Identity names but on different Earths.

With Crisis there could be only one Earth. The Silver Age Hawkman was no longer published. So DC created the idea that The Golden Age Hawkman helped lead the JLA in its early days. There are no comic books showing that.

If Green Arrow was liberal DC made Hawkman conservative. Then conservative became brutal and then they tried to tie both origins in some way.

What a mess.

I am glad that current Hawkman title is fixing all the avove with Hawkman reincarnated not just in time but in space.

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Hawkworld was an oddity in tone, though was quite ambitious with its sociopolitical bent. Perhaps this can be attributed to writer John Ostrander’s usual willingness to flesh out the worlds he’s diving into.

I live Hawkworld. The main series loses its way, and the whole Hawk Avatar is pretty silly. But the first year or two are pretty solid.

But it’s hard to say Hawkworld is better or worse than silver age Hawkman. They’re so different. Gardner was definitely a creator, in a time when there were few templates to copy from.

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Hawkman Special was my first comic exposure to the character. It’s still a favorite Hawkman read of mine.

The current ongoing is fantastic.

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He seems to be a character mecurial with the times. Given the initial origin of Hawkman, I find this to be fitting. He wasn’t a character who resonated with me as a youngster.