The Man, the Myth, the Monkey: Introducing the Monkey Prince

Every culture in the history of the planet has its own mythology. The stories we tell to explain the world, to inspire and to entertain through the long nights. Ancient Greeks had a pantheon of gods, from Zeus to Hades. The ancient Norse had the nine realms, from Asgard to Jotunheim. And, as many modern cultural scholars will tell you, modern Western civilization has…superheroes. The sprawling, shared universe told over decades of dark knights and men of steel, with an impassioned base of devotees to rival any other.

The world of superheroes is constantly additive, as new storytellers borrow and expound upon each story of those heroes which came before them. And, going back to even the earliest days of the genre, superheroes have borrowed on older mythologies still. The stories of Wonder Woman and Shazam would not exist as we know them without the legends of Greek myth. The tale of the Spectre is directly informed by a Judeo-Christian concept of justice and divinity. But as far as superhero influences go, Asian cultures have always been severely underrepresented. This year, the creative team of Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang are doing something to change that. The time has finally come in the DC Universe for a Chinese legend’s Journey to the West. Let us meet the Monkey Prince.

To learn all about the Monkey Prince, head over to DC Comics!

Are you picking up Monkey Prince #1 when it releases tomorrow? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


:monkey::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: Look very interesting.:monkey_face:


I’ve really liked everything I’ve read by Gene Luen Yang, so I’m very excited about this. :slight_smile:


I grew up watching Sun WuKong stories and Journey to the West cartoons so this adaptation is super exciting for me! I have to point out that Gene Luen Yang, Bernard Chang, Sebastian Cheng, Janice Chiang, and Jessica Chen are all of Asian descent, and that is phenomenal! A great, positive step forward for Asian Representation! :taiwan: :cn:

  • I loved the Monkey Price story in the Festival of Heroes book last year
  • I was genuinely excited during DC FanDome when Candice Patton announced that Monkey Price would be returning in 2022
  • I immediately read Monkey Prince Issue #0 that dropped during DC FanDome and loved that, too

So yeah, I’m looking forward to this but I won’t be picking it up at my LCS. Books like this are why I subscribe to DCUI. See you in six months, Monkey Prince, and looking forward to reading all about you and your adventures starting in August.


I am really into Journey to the West so I am superexcited for this comic!

I might have to swing by the comic store tomorrow.

Some of my Monkey King collection:


I guess I’ll give this a try.

Why not…


It very quietly slipped onto DCUI on Monday! You can check it out here → Monkey Prince #1


Having a few comic titles available on DCUI before or at the same time as Comixology and LCS has the following benefits:

  1. It makes a subscription to DCUI in effect cheaper as you don’t have to spend the money to buy it

  2. It gives publicity to these titles, which could increase recognition and thus sales in a LCS rack inundated with Batman related titles.

  3. It allows for
    “Try before you buy”.

Many members here prefer to buy physical copies or trades for favorite titles

(The same preference applies to the 6 month lag. If you like issue 1, buy the 6 issue trade instead of waiting for the conclusion of the first arc here)

  1. Gene Yang is a writer
    Whose great work on Superman against the Klan was featured in the Book Club

Thus fans would be excited if they knew he was the writer

Having DC Comics and DCUI have articles which link to his other works like New 52 Chinese Superman and Batman / Superman might push fans to his work and to be DCUI subscribers.

It might also give this talented writer more DC work

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First of all that’s great news, I’ll happily read that soon! Thanks for the heads up.

Request - when stuff like that happens can it be announced? Can there be a thread created or at least update the What's New on DC Universe Infinite: February 2022 thread with that information? I use that to create lists of books to read and would never have known this was added beyond this post.


Usually they would be announced! This was a last minute addition that slipped through the cracks on the Monday, so it ended up getting lost between 2 ‘What’s New’ threads. I have since updated the ‘What’s New’ thread for this week with Monkey Prince #1 on there!


i have monkey prince #1! 10/10! i love monkeys!


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