The Low, Low Woods 3

"El and Octavia find themselves on two separate paths. One leads to somewhere deep within the Earth, and the other leads to a small green trailer on the edge of town. There, the people of Shudder-to-Think, PA say, lives a witch. For a price, she can change you—and even make you forget that which you no longer wish to remember.

But what is the price of remembering that which you have lost?"

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I don’t know where to start with this book…

The movie theater thing at the beginning and El saying in this book that her underwear were put on inside out when she got home…that sounds real scary, especially for a girl.

Octavia’s visit to the witch…the ominous potion. I’ve read enough stories about towns near burning coal mines to know that none of that can be good and to suspect that the entire town is taking one thing or another to keep them from realizing that there is no way out…but…then there’s the visit from the guy with “The Company” who wants to buy the house from Octavia’s mom…what’s going on there???

I suspect we’re going to start seeing deeper into the weirdness after the witch, the skinless guy from the hole, the glowing mushroom and whatever this is with Jessica and her mom being “Sink Holes.” That information didn’t seem to freak Octavia out all that much. What’s up with that?

And with the busted lips and the “intimate” instances at the end of the book there has GOT to be some sort of connection between El and Octavia!

This is a strange book and seeing that these Hill House books always seem to take SUPER hard turns I expect some super crazy weirdness in the future!