The Losers

What do you think of The Losers movie, based off the Vertigo series of the same name (which is a modern day refresh of the older DC Losers title)?

It’s quite possibly my favorite Vertigo movie. Great cast (love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans’ characters), its shot well, features good action sequences, and it’s pretty darn faithful to the source material (Jock’s artwork is shown in the opening title too).

The “DC is too dark” crowd would probably enjoy this one since it’s full of wiseacres, is very bright and colorful, features pop culture references and is quite funny in spots (Evans in the office building in particular).

Have you seen The Losers? If so, what’d you think?


I own the movie. It is better than Justice League and Suicide Squad. While part of that may be attributed to the higher popularity of the later two vs Losers comics, I like to think that if that film could do well, than modern DC Comics films should have been able to do better than a belly dancer who kisses people to form minions and an axe-wielding man who needs his “mother” in order to stand a chance against a man who wimps out when people look to him as leader.


But, enough complaints with modern films. I actually do not remember much about the film other than Zoe Saldana practically in bed wear with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character and Chris Evan’s character singing Don’t Stop Believing, so I will probably end up watching it again very soon.

Thank you for reminding me.


I liked it. It was just that it wasn’t based on a popular franchise that it didn’t do well at the box office. Worth renting.


One of my favorite movies! I feel it’s a slept on classic.


Glad to see a few other fans of it. It’s also on HBO on-demand right now if you’ve got HBO.


I own it on Blu-ray. I really dig it!


I love it. I believe their based on the dirty dozen, which is based on a real group of army corps soldiers from world war ll. They never shaved & didn’t follow protocol cuz they always completed their missions. They were so unruly yet successful their Sgt. let em be. I’d definitely be down with that idea tho Vroom.

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This movie is AWESOME! Morgan, Elba, Evans and Zoe are all fantastic! Three thumbs up, if that’s a thing.

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It’s is now lol.

I really like this movie. It would be awesome to have it on the service.