the LL thing

So every girlfriend of Superman, his biggest antagonist and I dunno other stuff, has the alliterative LL initials. Far too coincidentally, his family name is El, and El is the Hebrew word for god.
What if it’s not a coincidence? What if Superman’s origins are not what he thinks they are? What if his friends, girlfriends, and greatest enemy are not who he thinks they are?
Perhaps all the LL people in little Kal’s life are not real people but kryptonian constructs, like the eradicator. Created and put into Kal’s path to guide him and shape him into who he needs to be.


How so very intriguing!!!
What a juicy nugget of an idea to savor on this Thanksgiving day!

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Nah likely just a coincidence. I could see something like that used in a new story though

Comic book characters having the first letters of their first and last name is a very common thing.

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It might make for an interesting Elseworlds story.

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That’s deep. dc love double alliteration especially in the old days. I’ve thought about that many times ( the Lana Lang, Lois Lane thing ) but never that deeply. There’s a theme with the number 23 running throughout all of dc also. I know Earth 23 etc. but if u look you’ll see it all over. 22 also, most likely the dc issue Batman was introduced in, but those 2 are in a lot. Now it’s #52 but that’s obvious.