The little things…

What are some of the little things - the homages, the attention to detail, etc. - that make you smile when you notice them?

I thought of this question because I recently watched the Dark Knight Returns movies, and I noticed that the President’s voice was clearly supposed to be Reagan, who was the President at the time when the Dark Knight Returns comics were released. Just a little thing, but it caught my attention.


Hmm…Patrick Wilson playing the President in BvS would be one I suppose. Good for Nite Owl (and the future Ocean Master) !


Gotcha. Before the shared universe craze, we had to make do with oblique references in the original Superman and Batman movies like when Clooney’s Batman told Robin why Superman works alone in B&R and how a news report talked about Kal-El making a rescue in Gotham. Little things but they meant a whole lot back in the day when it would be years between big budget superhero movies so getting a shout out to the comic fandom and mythology was always a treat.