The LGBTQIA+ Representation in DC

The LGBTQIA+ representation at DC is truly atrocious. DC will try to slip in some gays in random and unimportant places thinking that that will be enough for us, but it’s really not. There needs to be at least one gay man who has his own solo comic, or even a Justice League member who’s queer. I firmly believe that DC could thrive with a more important, diverse omniverse than what they have now, which is most superheroes being straight and white, with the occasional black hero, some women thrown in there and the gays queer coded at random.


I’ll just say that there is, in fact, a queer member of the Justice League – Wonder Woman.

Alan Scott, a gay man, is going to be one of the central characters to this year’s Infinite Frontier event.

And outside of comics, both The CW’s Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow are headlined by queer characters.


The fight for representation is absolutely one that needs focus and will continue to be a mission for DC. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully share the need to see more significant characters of queer representation in the DC Universe. While we do have characters like John Constantine, Midnighter & Apollo, Alan Scott, as well as CW’s focused efforts to cast LGBTQIA+ talent, there is always more that can be done.

To give you some visibility into the efforts and conversations that inform DC’s current direction, I can point you to these topics and articles:

We need people like you on the frontlines insisting on more truth in representation. Keep using your voice and we’ll keep listening.


Wonder Woman never has any female love interests. And I deeply do not understand what’s happening with Alan Scott, I thought he was dying but in a powerful way or something. Please explain what he’s doing.


This is an excellent point. Diana being confirmed as queer was definitely a big moment, but the fact that we haven’t actually been able to see this queerness in action in the 4-and-a-half years since is still a disservice. To only tell but not show takes away from the impact of the confirmation the longer it goes on. While I do love Diana and Steve together, even just giving her a single romantic moment w/ another woman would make this status more impactful


Diana’s never had any significant female love interests in the present, but she is shown to have had them growing up on Paradise Island in Rucka and Scott’s Wonder Woman: Year One. I agree that this needs to be made more prominent as a feature of her character, though.

Alan Scott is fine. He’s joining a team called “The Totality,” formed at the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal to protect the universe from threats to the larger multiverse as a whole. Much of this summer’s Infinite Frontier event will be told through his perspective, as he attempts to search for missing members of the JSA.

I would recommend reading the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special, and this month’s Infinite Frontier #0, for more information on the current status of Alan Scott.


Have you read Midnighter? Solo gay man comic! (followed by Midnighter and Apollo, about him and his boyfriend) It also has queer characters in the supporting cast!

Written by Steve Orlando, who is bisexual!

Representation exists, just because it’s not the biggest title out there doesn’t make it less important.


Thanks for the suggestion. Also I just found out that Crush from the Teen Titans is gay which should not actually be surprising given her…whole thing.


I really do think DC is trying. There are way more LGBTQIA+ characters now than there were 10 years ago. Is that number still too small? Absolutely. Are there groups not represented at all? Absolutely. But from the recent announcements and general character changes that have happened I know DC is attempting to be better with this.

And I would rather wait to have the correct writers/artist to tell queer stories than to try and push through a whole bunch of representation without proper thought. I am hopeful for representation in DC’s future. But years of just one type of representation is going to take time to change. It won’t happen overnight.