The Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 Reaction Thread

So Legion fans, what’d we think? I liked this ish quite a bit, especially President Supergirl, and that splash page of Thorn fighting Superman wasn’t too shabby either.

Are you keeping your Legion Flight Ring on for issue 2 and the ongoing that follows? I sure am.


The beginning of the comic was great. I would buy the full story if they ever write it. Rose and Kara looking for the cure could make for a good teamup story.

(I admittedly grumbled a bit to myself about every old incarnation of Kara always being put in pants, she could totally rock her classic suit like a power granny, but happy she still kept it on the rack so maybe she still does.)

The rest of the stories felt sort of pointless and didn’t grab my interest. Maybe a two issue mini was the wrong format. If each age had gotten at least one issue, maybe they could have made something interesting out of it. This felt like a waste of my time. There was no story, just unsatisfying flashes.

Ultimately this wasn’t a good read imo.


Goes to Comixology to purchase stuff not on his subscription list.

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Going off what Coville said, I feel like this would have been more satisfying as a one-shot, or if we at least had an idea of what role Rose/Thorn will play in the Legion series proper (like, maybe a quick flash forward at the start?).
As it stands, I’m just wondering why we needed this two-parter. Bendis’ Legion is already being set up in Superman, and while seeing the various futures of the DCU finally come together in a cohesive timeline is neat, I wouldn’t exactly call it necessary to set up the Legion, either. I dunno, maybe all these characters and futures will come back in the actual Legion series, but none of it feels like essential reading so far.
(To be fair, I’m also incredibly biased: I’m still looking forward to what Bendis will do with the team, and appreciate the greater diversity, but I really wish he didn’t jettison the Retroboot Legion to do so)


I’m covering my eyes since I still need to purchase this on Comixology and read before we record the podcast Friday night…

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@Coville Yes indeed, that first story was great.

I admit the later material was a bit less entertaining, but we’ll have to see where it goes in #2.

Who was everyone’s favorite artist for this ish? Its a given that mine was Jim Lee.

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Rose/Thorn is definitely an interesting person to do this with – I liked her character, seeing her go through the insanity of all these future settings we’ve grown to love.

I think the part I liked best was the Batman Beyond segment. I’ve seen people suggest that Bendis might get on Batman, and I say eff that, put Bendis and Dustin Nguyen (my favorite artist in this issue, BTW) on Batman Beyond YESTERDAY.

The other parts after weren’t quite as strong, but still pretty cool. I laughed at the whole conversation with the Planeteer guy and how she complains about having had all the conversations ever possible.


Kamandi section was my favorite for two reasons:

  1. the way Rose/Thorn tricks Kamandi
  2. Rose/Thorn’s reaction to learning that the suit does NOT give you superpowers
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It should just be called millennium there was no legion


I really enjoyed it for what it was. I was a little confused at some parts. I didn’t know what to expect and so it was all a joy to read overall. I was afraid that it’d be all too familiar as a reintroduction of Legion but it wasn’t anything I expected. So have hopes.

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I think that if you come at this as purely a set up for The Legion, you’re going to be disappointed, because it’s really not. It’s part character study (just how crazy would a person go if she lived for a thousand years) and part future world-building.

This two-part series of snapshots is a component of Brian Michael Bendis’s HUGE plan for his corner of the DC Universe (okay, a bit bigger than a corner). From the very beginning, even while Man of Steel was coming out, he said he wanted to do a story that would knit all of the disparate futures of the DCU together - into something that he was calling The Unity Saga.

We’ve been seeing one end of that in the ongoing Superman book. We’ll see the other end of it in his LSH book.

THIS story is about everything in between, seen through Rose/Thorn’s eyes, cementing one central DC Timeline into place, almost like the classic History of the DC Universe did.

Take a look at the eras that Millennium solidifies:
-The near future
-Batman Beyond’s future
-Kamandi and the Great Disaster
-Tommy Tomorrow

So now everything in this book is canon. That’s the kind of thing a fan like me enjoys - I love these kinds of specifics. Heck, I still miss Who’s Who.

Anyway, I’ve digressed.

I enjoyed the first issue, I guess that’s what I’m saying.


Confession: I’ve never been really into Legion. But until this week, I’ve also never really been into Thorn, either… I’m willing to give Bendis a shot to change my mind.

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Ugh! I love the core members of the LSH and was excited to see them back in action…I’m thoroughly disappointed. I liked the different art styles but, in the same story, no thanks.
Think I’ll wait for Volume One collected.


@Super-Squirrel That’s how I see the Millennium mini.

It’s not a full on, balls to the wall reintroduction to the Legion, but more of an appetizer to whet one’s appetite for what’s to come, with the main book being the main course.

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I thought this was a great read and perfect for two issues. Luckily I was forewarned at my LCS that this was a LoS story, but a future history of the DCU told through Rose. I like the short visits to the different time periods, and I thought the art throughout was fantastic. The only era I wasn’t familiar with was the Planeteers but even there the art and setup kept me interested. Very happy grabbed this.

Meant NOT a LoS story

That’s the first I’ve plunked down cold hard cash for a single issue in a while, and frankly it was too little story in too many times / places for my tastes. I would have enjoyed this more if they had spent three times as much time per scene / time period.

The different art styles were entertaining. As mentioned above, the very lightly touched upon dilemma of anyone living more than 100 years and still being able to enjoy the ever changing culture around them is a great theme, but again not really examined, just blurted out here and there on the run.

I’m fine with no Legion showing up for now. I admit I’m also a little trepidatious considering Saturn Girl just …had what happened over in Doomsday Clock, which still has one more issue. My my my…

I was very excited for this, and frankly think it was probably worth it just for Sook’s gorgeous cover alone, but the story was a bit light and hard to follow in places. The different art styles - while impressive and great to see - may have contributed to that sense of disorientation. I think a bit more exposition setting up each era would have been nice, but also wonder if that disorientation was intentional to help the reader feel Rose’s sense of unease at living forever? Still, she presumably would understand the contexts in which those scenes took place, and that was what I struggled with. (I haven’t followed Batman Begins much at all but thought it was only a few decades into the DCU’s future so that was particularly confusing to me…) Hopefully the second issue will help tie it all together.

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It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good either, is the next issue going to be more of the same road to nowhere?
The entire first issue could have been done in a couple of pages three at most, lets hope issue #2 gets somewhere
because so far there is no Legion.

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Is this just a mini-series or the new Legion book?

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