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Hello all and welcome to @RenegadeRobinsClub November Damian Wayne session. This month we will be taking a look at the crossover story: The Lazarus Contract and Damian’s role in it. Honestly folks I have mixed feelings on this one. How about you?

Let get started and see what happens.

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*Titans #11

*Teen Titans #8

*Deathstroke #19

*Teen Titans Annual: Lazarus Contract Special #1

*Deathstroke #20

DCUI has this handy LAZARUS CONTRACT link that collects these individual issues together to make it easier. Who knew? Probably Damian.

The Son of Batman knows all!


  1. What did you think of Damian’s involvement in this story?

  2. Do you think there was a better way for Damian to have handled the situation here?

Next month we will be back with the Super Sons in their next adventure


I enjoyed this story. I hadn’t read it before. I thought Damian was pretty much a jerk through the whole thing. He needs to get off his high horse and stop feeling like he’s so much better than everyone else. I personally don’t understand why his team puts up with him based on his actions in this story.


I really didn’t enjoy it much myself precisely because of how much of a jerk he was here. Don’t get me wrong Damian is full of himself most of the time anyway but I thought he was a bit over the top in this story. Just my impression.


It’s a good story, but Damian sure is a little jerk in it.

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