the last page of Doomsday clock #11

No spoilers…

Just a suggestion to enhance the drama of the scene. The page has 7 panels. Imagine in your mind, a loud echoing tick of a clock, while you look at each panel.


Although both are really good plots, Doomsday clock, and Justice/Doom war do seem to be irreconcilably trampling all over each other, but i will hold my judgement until both stories play out. I suspect the original intention was that Doomsday clock would be concluded before we git this far into Justice/Doom war (and legion reboot)


I tried to read issue eleven, but it wasn’t easy. It feels like Johns is trying to cram too much in before the final issue. I don’t think the delays are helping much, either.

I will say, I was intrigued by the Saturn Girl moment with Adrian.

Who knows when the final issue will come out, but I hope it ties up everything. Doomsday Clock is a good story, but I think it will read better once it’s finished and you can go back and read it straight through.

My problem with Doomsday Clock is that literally nothing ever happens.

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@Batwing52, I’m starting to agree. We’ll get maybe a little bit of something in a couple pages of an issue, but it seems like we’ve been in the same spot for a while.

One of the selling points when they started the series was gonna be the talk Superman had with Doctor Manhattan. The past few issues seem more interesting in showing us a fight between them, but even then they make us wait for that. I thought today we’d at least get the talk between the two before a possible fight, but once again it’s saved for the next (and final) issue. Any impact a conversation or a fight might have had is gone for me now.

Maybe if Johns hadn’t spent so much time with a new Rorschach or Mime and Marionette, we could’ve gotten somewhere.

I think that this story would have been much better served as a 100-page one-shot (made well in advance of release) as opposed to 300 pages of filler that release in 30 page chunks every five months. I think the DC universe has left Johns so far back in the dust that now he’s just flying by the seat of his pants.

I mean, I understand the whole compulsion to go, “It’s a Watchmen thing, it HAS to be twelve issues!” but I really think a shorter run would make it feel less like a kid trying to meet the minimum page requirement on an essay.

Also, I feel like I should note, I don’t think Johns is the person responsible for delaying the book: that person is Gary Frank. I think because of those delays, however, Johns has most certainly had to go back and rewrite some stuff to make it less contradictory to current DC.

Who is the other prisoner is that alsn scott

That’s Johnny Thunder

@Batwing52 Couldn’t agree more! This could’ve easily been pared down, but there’s so much filler.

To be honest some of my disappointment comes from my expectations. I remember this mini series was sold as answering questions about Doctor Manhattan’s involvement with Rebirth and that all important conversation between Superman and Doctor Manhattan. I knew they were probably going to build up to it, but geez! I think only recently we’ve gotten bits and pieces of these and now the flavor is out of the gum.

Even worse is something I’ve noticed about Johns’ writing these days when it comes to big event books: he’s more interested in writing about side characters (usually villains) and spends most of the story focusing on them and their back story, then rushing towards the main plot in the final few issues, which end up cramped. Did we really need whole issues devoted to the new Rorschach? Did we really need the Mime and Marionette subplot? Notice how these last few issues they’ve all but disappeared into the background. That was time that could’ve been spent on the major story beats.

But I guess we’ve got one more issue to see how everything ties together. Given how the release schedule has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see the final issue until December or January.

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@superby1 Given that the second volume of Doomsday Clock doesn’t come out until May, you’re likely correct about #12’s ETA.


@vroom That’s a really scary thought!

I love when Johns and Frank do stories because they’re amazing, but the wait…woof! I knew we were in trouble when they were announced to do Doomsday Clock, but never did I think it would take THIS long!

I’m just playing catch up now reading it mostly all at once and it’s been so much fun. Gonna suck to have to wait for 12 now.

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@carlandjaysen, I hope when I read it straight through, I’ll enjoy it more :slightly_smiling_face:

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I still do not completely understand how Jon’s picture has ended up all throughout the DCU timeline, did it just pop up because Superman punched him so hard he dropped the photo?
Also, I remember in promo for the series Johns said it was going to tie in to the main DCU and after Doomsday Clock was over the canon of the next issues across the universe would be affected as if “waking up to the next day”. I see the Legion returned recently, and with Year of The Villain, I am excited to see how this gets pulled off.