The Krypton Season Two Hype Machine

As an avid viewer of the Syfy Channel, I’ve seen ads for Krypton season two quite frequently over the last few days.

My, my it looks good. Nyssa looks to be in a battle of some kind, Zod is admiring his empire and Lobo, well…Lobo is.

A fun thing I’ve noticed is that the ads all end with “Season One available on DC Universe”. I like that and hope that it’s bringing increased traffic to the service for Krypton and our other super googahs.


Roger that Agent 007, I can’t wait!

Need me some more Brainiac, much better one than the one in Supergirl me thinks.


I haven’t seen Krypton season 1 yet but the trailers for season 2 make me wanna change that. When I saw Lobo on screen I went nuts. It’s the main man!


Krypton is VERY good. I hope you get a chance to watch it.


Krypton is the DC TV bombdiggity. Any who’ve not seen it should check it out.


Sees the hype bandwagon
Hops on


Welcome. Glad to have you =)

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I’ve been ready for a year!

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Loved Krypton s1. Binged it as soon as it dropped on DCU. I dont have cable so no SYFY channel but I’m looking forward to s2 coming to this service most likely next spring :+1:t2:


Just saw the pilot on DCU and love it. Will quickly be getting up to speed and then the wait for S2.


Just finished watching season 1!! Not too shabby.

Can someone explain the timeline?? It just seems that Zod was just dropped in the show without any real explanation. I know that he came back to rule krypton? But I can’t help but notice he mentioned that 200 years from now, that krypton would explode. This doesn’t make much sense…

Then he mentioned being in the phantom zone. He also mentioned Earth… So… How long or how far does he come from the future? How long was he in the phantom zone?

And if Seg-El is General Zods father… Than that makes zod, Superman’s uncle? Because Seg-El should have two sons: Jor-El & Zod?

I thought seg-El was Superman’s grandfather?

Really really Confusing

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Seg-El is not Zod’s father. In episode 7, I believe, Zod says that he doesn’t know too much about his father, only…
That his father died in the War for Krypton.

As for the timeline, I am not too sure how they establish it.

I just watched the episode where he opened the chamber to doomsday with his own blood. And zod (multiple times) kept referencing to Seg as "father " towards the end of the season

Do you know of any quotes that reference Seg as his father?

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^ this makes no sense at all

I hate when a show tries to play with the time travel thing and assume it’s gonna be “super cool” or w/e. They should have left General Zod out of it. He dropped a lot of statements in the last few episodes and completely messed me up :tired_face::expressionless::expressionless:

I am not sure where things are confusing on the Zod timeline.

Seg is Jor-El’s father, and it is implied Zod’s father although Zod never knew him because he died before he was born. He was in the phantom zone until around the time Superman was born, hence how Seg is his father and Superman’s grandfather, Zod didn’t age in the Phantom Zone. He presumably was from the present, he knew Krypon blew up in 200 years. If you mean that doesn’t make sense in terms of Seg’s age, Kryptonians like a lot longer then humans. Hence how it is so far away but only 2 generations removed from Superman. I may be missing something, but it all lined up to me.

As for leaving him out of it. Orignally the first pilot didn’t have Adam Strange and the whole time travel aspect. And SyFy hated it and it tested badly with focus groups, so they redid it and added the time travel part figuring it would hold more interest, especially to non-hardcore comic fans if the show had more direct ties to superman then just a political intrigue on an alien planet that sort of tied to Superman a long long time later. Honestly, they were probably right. So even if Zod wasn’t in it they would have had to have someone travel back from the future to try and mess up the timeline so Superman was never born. They could have made it Braniac though I guess.


I am surprised I forgot about that part. Because Adam Strange showed up, his involvement could have altered the timeline, so at the time of episode 7, things may have been unaltered, but changed because of the butterfly effect.

I don’t really see any value to including Adam Strange. Most of the time in the show, he just got in the way. He does provide a new plot direction (an improvement from Gotham), but as a character, he only made things worse. But, I would’ve liked to have seen a milder and DC take on a Game of Thrones show.

So Seg-El & Lyta-Zod must have given birth to Dru-Zod (General Zod) early. Then Jor-El was born who then became responsible for General Zods imprisonment within the Phantom Zone. The age difference is what somewhat throws things off a bit. But the idea that Krpytonians age slower than humans makes sense…

But anyways, so with all this said, Dru-Zod/El (General Zod) is Superman’s uncle and BROTHER to Jor-El…

Also… JAX-UR is played by a woman when jax-ur is indeed a man who also was imprisoned in the phantom zone. Not that it matters but… I just find some of the mythology is off in this show.

And from what I can remember, Kal-El was the first natural birth on Krypton decades (maybe centuries) before it’s explosion. So we have to assume Zods birth was from the Genesis chamber? (Not that THAT matters either but… Just a lil curious)

But the pressing issue I have here is: General Zod is Superman’s Uncle… And Im JUST now being introduced to this??

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