The Kent Kids!

I had a shower thought and who better to talk it over with than you fine folks?

So, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the iterations of Superman and Lois having biological kids and I think its beautiful and fun and often comes with the best stories and explorations of their personalities. Jon Kent is a favorite of course but even the imaginary tales of long ago with super-babies are just too fun to not do. So putting all these kids in a box and saying they are good to exist, let’s think about this more realistically for a second and suck the fiction right out of it! So take a last look at the superbabies before we move on.





Ok, let’s get serious shall we?

  1. Superman is an alien (yeah other than the powers who knew, right?) so it’s totally believable that he and Lois wouldn’t be able to have kids. Invincibility and all the questions that brings aside, from a scientific standpoint, I’m applying bird rules here. Birds look the same, but most can’t produce viable offspring across species. I’m sure there are plenty of other “real world” examples. So to me, it’s almost more believable that they wouldn’t be able to have kids.

  2. Clark was adopted, so it would be so fitting that he would then adopt as well. Even if it’s not a legit adoption, he’s taken numerous clones and other super kids under his cape before.



With various degrees of success of course.

I mean Jimmy is basically his surrogate kid right? Well, maybe not…

  1. And talk about a role model for adoption! Superman just makes since but why is Batman the one who’s adopting every kid in Gotham? Isn’t he the playboy billionaire? If anyone is going to have a bunch of kids coming in to be the rightful heir to the fortune and cowl, wouldn’t it be him?

    Yes, Damian we get it!

  2. Being a Super-kid would be much more responsible. You operate in the daytime first of all, and Supes is all about doing what’s right and giving back and all that stuff that’s good for kids. Batman has a track record for creating the most angsty teenagers ever. And adopting kids to stay up all night fighting crime isn’t very responsible as most of this crew can attest.

    Do any of these kids look like they’re having fun, other than red hood, you know he’s smiling under there. And don’t let batgirl fool you, she’s just photogenic.
    (no hate to the Batfamily, their Webtoon is my life fuel right now)

  • What do you think?
  • Should Superman and Batman’s family history be flipped?
  • Should I stop trying to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed?
  • Has this never bothered you until I brought it to your attention?
  • What are some other Super-kids I missed?
  • Who is your favorite next generation hero or story arc?

Is Superman really taller than Batman or is he floating right now?
We all know Damian is short. No questions there.


Because I am a lonely old man in depserate need to be a part of a family.

No. I desperately need my family. Clark meanwhile is a loner who needs his alone time in his fortress of solitude, and there is nothing wrong with that. Not everybody is suited for constant family time.

I realized it years ago and it never bothered me.

Way too many to count.


Story arc-


I personally love what the writers created for Superman and Lois: twins instead of single child, their names (Jordan for Jor-el is unexpectedly perfect), the fact that they are so different personality-wise yet still care for and love each other, Jordan’s mental illness is canon and actually discussed not brushed aside, Jordan developing powers instead of Jonathan (subverting expectations).

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Deserves an award :1st_place_medal: for best name EVER!

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