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Are you looking for a place to house general discussions about Smallville?

Well guess what, your fellow club member @Jurisdiction did too and thanks to his suggestion we’ve created this post! That’s right, you suggest it, we create it!

Consider this your home base for discussing the Smallville series!
Anything you want to talk about is fair game here with the only rule being it must pertain to Smallville somehow and someway!

Spoiler Alert

This thread will contain spoilers and discuss the series as a whole.

:speaking_head: Need a discussion prompt? We’ve got you covered:

  • What’s your favorite episode?

  • If you were any of the meteor infected characters on the show, who would you be and why?

  • Some plot point you don’t understand or wish was a little different? Discuss below!

  • Who is your favorite character?

  • Clois or Clana? Fight it out below!
    :fist_right: :boom: :fist_left: but be nice!

  • What do you think about the costumes?

  • Do you own the series? Read the comics?? Listened to the soundtracks???

Suggest a discussion prompt and it could be added here!

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Those Saturday Watch Parties are going to rock!

…and yes, those I can attend. :wink:

…unlike the Sunday dealies, next month. :cry:


Rockin’ it @Bar-El :sunglasses::partying_face::star_struck:


I’m having way too much fun setting these up! :stuck_out_tongue:




If Jonathan Kent has a General Lee car, hope he can take me for a ride around the farm! YEE-YAH!!!:smiley:


Dibs on riding in the back seat!




Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!:smiley:


Me in the backseat having a blast but carsick as all get out.


Hanging out in a barn, looks cool, I can see why Clark like it so much, it’s like his own fortress of solitude, course most people drop by unannounced! :slightly_smiling_face:


And rifle through his top secret documents just laying around!


I’ll be back later to answer some questions. :grinning::man_technologist:


Can we all agree that the darkest episode of the show is the Mercy episode?

I mean Lionel and Martha in an eternal death trap!


I mean that episode and the Ultraman episodes. So yea, it’s always Lionel’s fault! Lol


Hello @Bar-El,
Nice place you’ve got here on the Kent’s farm. This place sure had alot of history here, remember when Perry visit Smallville and Clark’s power went wacky? LOL! Anyway here’s my answer to your questions, here we go…:grinning:

  1. My favorite episode was from Season 3 with the episode called, Memoria where we see both Lex’s and Clark’s past. That episode was so well done.

  2. I would be like Eric Summer. How cool would’ve be to steal Clark’s power after getting hit by lightning!

  3. What give Jor-el the right to take away the Superman suit away from Clark at the end of season 9 when Martha gave it to Clark as a gift?! And I wish we see Clark in a full Superman suit on the final episode.

  4. Lois Lane has to be my favorite character, cause I had a friend who was related to the actress Erica Durance. :slightly_smiling_face:
    One day at chuch he ask me if I watch Smallville, and I said yup I do. And that’s when he told me he was related to her. Later at Night church he show me a picture in his younger days, and there was Erica who was about 10 I think. I thought that was so cool.:slightly_smiling_face:

  5. Clois all the way!

  6. It was a start, but man I love the costume for JSA and Green Arrow.

  7. Use too on the first 2, now you’re making me want to read the comic again. And probably will. As for the music love it.

Another true story, for Series Finale I went to Walmart bakery order a big giant chocolate chip cookie and had a Superman symbol with ‘Farewell Smallville’ writing on it in red with blue background. It was a good cookie. :grinning:

Well that was fun. I’m heading out to Metropolis, Thankyou @Bar-El for this great club. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do I! We lost a perfectly good tractor that day!

@Reaganfan78 i knew you were cool but now I think your super ultra mega cool! And now I want a cookie cake :cookie:


coughs aggressively spoiler


Lol no worries we’ve got the spoiler warning up :smiley:


No I mean I haven’t gotten to ultra man yet lol