The Kane Factor

So I am reading Batwoman, establishing that Batwoman is Kate Kane, whose aunt is then Martha Kane, the mother of Bruce? Is there an alternate to this or? I feel like I am missing something here and I am also aware that Martha worked with Alfred.

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Not sure if this was rhetorical, but yes they’re cousins on Bruce’s Mothers side. Not sure of any alternate versions with Kate Kane, but there’s the whole Betty Kane (Original Batgirl) who was the niece of Kathy Kane (Original Batwoman). An alternate version called Bette Kane (Flamebird) mentions an Aunt Kathy but then calls her Cathie later on.

It goes:
Grandparents - Roderick & Elizabeth
Kids - Nathan, Philip, Martha, Jacob, & whoever is Bette’s Dad
Kate Kane’s Parents - Jacob & Gabi. (Jacob remarried some rich woman named Catherine who’s Kate’s step-mother and the Aunt Cathie associated with Bette.

I’m sure if you hop on over HERE HCQ could answer any Batwoman Q’s you have though.


Thank you

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