The Justice Society Attempts The Oregon Trail

I am playing Oregon Trail 5. Unlike The Justice League the JSA has a much more flexible lineup, so I am just going to play as my 6 favorite members, which after some consideration I picked Stargirl, Hawkman, Sandman, Green Lantern, Wildcat, and Atom Smasher.

Hawkman is leader, and I think Surveyor looks like both a rewarding and fitting occupation for him, and I want a break from being a blacksmith. We get riverworking, sewing, blacksmithing, and cooking skills.

We are short on cash before getting the 500 dollars for being a trail guide, and we leave on April 1st with 10 hour work days and 2 meals a day.

Jobs- As a wild west vigilante and inevitably a trail guide in a past life I am in charge.

Alan- Repair work.

Wildcat- Hunting and security. Also doctoring.

Sandman- Map

Al- Piloting

Stargirl- Animal Care, dealing with strangers.

We go over an iced river immediately and everything is surprisingly perfect other than chickens randomly dying and Wildcat sucks at shooting, so Green Lantern takes over hunting duties.

Stargirl helps us avoid a fight with another wagon party, and Atom Smasher effortlessly gets us across every river. Sandman is doing a great job at finding edible food (my luck with gathering was ridiculously good this game).

We then went hundreds of miles with everything looking perfect (it made me doubt I would write this since the luck was too good). Alan always got us food. Sandman found food. Al got us over every river. But then I saw Wildcat was in bad health for a reason I could not find. Where is Dr. Mid-Nite when I need him.

A few hundred miles of Wildcat suffering but again everything was perfect besides that. We found and caught food. No river issues at all. We raised rations to help Wildcat.

We stopped at a spring for 6 das to get Wildcat to fair health and then went back to two meals a day. The Rocky Mountains are in sight. Thanks to Sandman and Atom smasher no issues in getting through them. Green Lantern fixed a broken wagon part.

Unfortunately Wildcat’s health mysteriously worsened, and he died. I wonder if that is why a bobcat is always lurking around.

Green Lantern keeps getting us more and more food.

Green Lantern shot me instead. (There was no ricochet, so apparently I do not know the mechanics as well as I thought).

100 days in and we are at Fort Bridger. Our doctor is dead, and I am shot. Why do these forts not have doctors in them? My health is bad, and I need to make it another few hundred miles.

Stargirl lit our way through a dangerous thunderstorm, and we forded a river. We are still moving smoothly, and…

(Hawkman died and as trail guide that is game over. This went from an incredibly lucky game to an unlucky one. There was no ricochet so the gun accident was not my fault according to my knowledge of the game. I think my only real mistake was my selection of skills, as I should have taken the expensive medical and sharpshooting skills instead of riverwork and balcksmithing).


Interesting…sounds fun


I did have some real fun trying to keep Wildcat and Hawkman alive.