The Justice League Attempts the Oregon Trail

Since I already did this with Green Lanterns, and I only get 6 people on Oregon Trail 5 he is out.
April 30, 1848
Here begins the journal of J’onn, formerly a prospector. Tomorrow we leave Independence behind to begin our journey west to Oregon City. We must still purchase the supplies that our large farmwagon will hold to sustain us during our long trek.
I hope that the following skills will prove of some use along the trail: medical, blacksmithing, botany, musical.

I accidently left a month later than I intended, but I got the 5 month package, 16 oxen, some chickens, and a fishing pole. I assigned some roles for the rest of the League.
Batman- Manages supplies.

Hawkgirl- navigator.

Wonder Woman- security.

Superman- Animal care.

Flash- Repair work.

We are traveling ten hours a day and for now only eating two meals. As trail guide we have just under 500 spendable dollars, so this should make it.
Flash got us through some dangerous rivers, but then he broke his arm, Batman got dyssentry, and Hawkgirl got a cold. Then my oxen are constantly exhausted, as apparently we have no idea how to survive in the wilderness.

At Alcove Spring we got our health back with a nice rest.

Wonder Woman has to keep us safe from the constant thunderstorms, which we just ignore thanks to her. Unfortunately our of nowhere Flash’s arm is worse forcing us to wait a bit. Thankfully I was really on the game with hunting and got to bears in the distance.

Flash is again getting us through every river with ease.

Being a martian I decided we had to wait out a prairie fire.

In extreme heat Wonder Woman has a horrible cold, so we are cosntantly stopping to keep her alive. Only Superman and Batman seem immune to injuries. The next day on July 8th in Nebraska (we are resting too much she dies). She died of a cold in extreme hot weather? Batman is now doing security.

We are still in Nebraska, and we capsized. I am worried about Wyoming. We lost our hunting rifle, so gathering time.

Surprisingly this hard part of the trail went perfectly. We avoided all danger and got around the Rockies. I guess Hawkgirl’s scouting it perfect.

Flash and Batman fixed a broken wagon axl, and we now have constant thunderstorms again. We are using our remaining money to rebuy a rifle and plenty of food since we capsized again.

Big Hill was a disaster. Surely Superman could get us across, but he tipped us over three times costing most of our stuff except for one super chicken who refuses to die. Apparently for a guy with Super strength Superman sucks at lifting. We have no firearms at all, no fishing pole, hardly any food, and hardly and spare parts, but we are at Smith’s trading post.

At Fort Hall in Idaho we resupplied. Unfortunately I cannot get a new fishing pole.

We capsized again, but minimal losses. Bats got food poisoning, but apparently ignoring that for 5 days makes it go away.

We resupplied really well at Fort Boise, but Hawkgirl made some mistakes costing us half a month. It is nearly December.

We made it to Oregon, but our health is falling, and the oxen are constantly exhausted. Superman got us some really pampered animals.

Thankfully all the rivers have been insanely shallow and safe, but the temperature gets to 6 degrees farenheit, as we are now crossing ice rivers. Surprisingly none of them break.

I paid somebody to row my way through The Dalles for me, and that gives us an impressive 17,973 points (beats every default score in the game) with 5 of 6 making it.

Contrary to how this may sound this was a very lucky game, as I made plenty of mistakes that just barely made no damage. Superman never got hurt, and I somehow phased through every richot bullet.


This brought back so many memories for me :laughing: congrats on the successful game!

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