The Joker Series Announced By James Tynion IV & Guillem March

I also wonder Fear State will play out. Will Babs be able to help her father or will she be missing some phone calls?

There’s so much going on that I’m curious about how and if it will affect this series!

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Well, yesterday, the final issue of The Joker dropped! What did people think? I have to admit, I was a tiny bit let down by the ending - the connections between it and what Tynion has been writing about for two years on his substack were a bit too obvious - though I will say, I also did a reread of all 15 issues plus the annual last night (though I did skip the backups - that’s for another time, probably closer to when the new Punchline story drops), and it fits a lot better with what Tynion did in the beginning of the story than my brain, starved for the series for three months, initially thought. I think Camuncoli did a great job on the series, but there’s something so powerful about what Guillem March did for the first 8 issues of the book - there was an atmosphere, a sense of almost tactile beauty to the way he was drawing and Arif Prianto was coloring, that was unlike every other comic on the shelves. And I don’t care how much the last page was ripped from Silence of the Lambs - this was a Jim Gordon story I’m so happy to have followed from the beginning.

I hope others are at least as pleased as I am with this long awaited conclusion to such a surprising, dark, and beautifully rendered tale of Jim vs. the Joker vs THE WORLD!

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I dug it. Not sure I agree with Gordon’s opinion that the evil he faced was greater than the Joker, but the cannibals were pretty deplorable.

March’s work on the book was brilliant, and I was bummed he didn’t finish the whole thing. Camuncoli did a solid job though, and he did some really cool stuff with the final issue. The flashback rifs on Aparo’s work, Maleev’s etc was really cool and showed a lot of versatility.

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I think if Tynion had gotten the three years he originally planned on the title, we would have seen more of the misery the Network inflicted on the world. As it is, the mad scientist, the creation of Vengeance, etc, were pretty horrific.

Loved all the callbacks in the series for sure - artistic and scripting. Just a very high quality series all around.