The Joker Series Announced By James Tynion IV & Guillem March

So for a little while now writer James Tynion IV has been teasing a new Batman book that he’s a part of, and today it’s been announced that his new series is The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime’s first on-going series since the 1970s.

It’ll be a 40-page series, the main story, with art by Guillem March, will involve Joker on the run after the events of The Joker War, with Jim Gordon on his tail to try to stop him and redeem his career.

There will also be a back-up story featuring Punchline. By the same team as the Punchline Special, with Tynion and Sam Jones co-writing and Mirka Andolfo drawing, will feature Punchline in Blackgate Penitionary, while also featuring Harper Row/Bluebird trying to save her brother from being radicalized and turning to the side of the Jokers.

From DC Comics Blog:

What are you guys thinking? Looking forward to this series?


I am so thankful that Tynion is writing this so I can feel confident in avoiding it. He actually wrote one of my favorite Joker stories during Endgame but in my opinion he has not grown as a writer and just sticks to the same story beats. I stopped reading Batman completely after Joker War because I thought that was a huge flop and the previews for current story do not appeal to me at all.
In general, I think an ongoing just overexposes Joker no matter who the writer is but overexposure is the name of the game when it comes to DC’s clown characters.


Hope it’ll do alot better then it’s first run in the 70s, and hopefully he will get to team up with my favorite villian! :joker_hv_1: :penguin_smirkhqtas:


Hard pass for me. I thought Joker war was an entertaining read, but villain centric series are not my cup o’ tea.


Meh. Who is scripting Superman?! Come on DC get off the pot!


Even though I understand the feelings some people have that Mr. J is overused, I’ll admit the idea of series that focuses on him has a lot of potential.
Unfortunately, the writer they’ve chosen for this has all too often overlooked or outright wasted potential. And I say that having–read more of his work in recent months.

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I’d be more open to one shots or mini series for The Joker. It’s a toss up because I am interested in what Joker does behind the scenes but at the same time I personally like when he’s mysterious so peeking behind the curtain makes him “normal”.
I also feel like this just sounds like a place holder until the next Joker event, like all of the series between Metal and Death Metal. Joker needs to go away so his appearances are special. It’s like over at the Marvelous competition, there’s a new Venom event and I swear they have done so many of those back to back that I can’t even differentiate and tell when one ended and the next began.

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Sounds awesome™:+1:

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As much as I love Mister J, I’m looking forward to the backup stories way more since we get Harper back.

And honestly, Mirka Andolfo is one of, if not, my fave current artist.


Or maybe stop making all his plots so grandiose. “Big, city-wide threat” doesn’t automatically equal a good story.


I’m super excited for this! I understand why people are apprehensive though. I’m gonna try the first couple issues, and if I love it I’ll keep reading. If not, I’ll drop the book. If unsure, I’ll just wait till it’s here. I can’t wait to see how Bane factors into all this!

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Im not feeling the idea…at all

Of the new titles announced, this is easily the one I’m the least interested in.

I might check it out as it comes to DCUI, but otherwise, it’s an easy pass.

Tynion recently was interviewed about the book and give it some more context that I think might make it more interesting for some.

When asked about how this book came about:

On the Punchline back-up:

One of the key things about heading into next year is the Joker isn’t in Gotham City. He got the hell out after the end of ‘The Joker War.’ And the Joker book is going to have Jim Gordon going after Joker outside of Gotham, but Punchline is still in Gotham. So, Punchline is the thread that carries over from the end of ‘The Joker War’ and the spread of this new clown gang in the dark shadows of Gotham city. She lays out what her plans are for the home front, while the Joker is out tackling some different stuff abroad. It keeps the two threads moving. So, when they clash back together it’ll be a very big thing.

And Jim won’t be the only Gordon heavily part of this series:

Barbara Gordon is a character I have plans for both in the Batman title and in the newly-announced Joker title, which is going to feature Jim Gordon as that series’ protagonist. So, Oracle is going to serve as a through-line between both series. Fans of Barbara Gordon are going to get a lot of Barbara Gordon next year.


I like this plan he layed out. I am giving it a chance.

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I think this would take place after the events of Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, where Arthur Fleck aka the Joker started some crimes with any of his henchmen, becomes an ally with familiar villains (Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Scarface, Catwoman, Scarecrow, and more) and being Puddin to inspired Harley Quinn, and comes across young Bruce Wayne, who becomes Batman, and tells them that they are both Wayne’s and are destined to rule Gotham, while also having some rivalries going on and on, giving my idea a mix between The Dark Knight, Gotham (another twist of the origin story between Batman and his familiar villains), Suicide Squad (Joker and Harley’s relationship), and a little bit of either Batman: Arkham games, and some comics and animated movies, like one of my favorites, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Oh boy, DC’s most overused and overexposed villain gets his own title.

First off, HELL YEAH!! The joker is finally getting his own solo series, and Bluebird?! Sign me up.

Oh come on, he’s never around. I mean sure, he was in Death of the Family and Endgame a year later and then Metal and then The Batman Who Laughs and played a role in the wedding fiasco and then Justice League and Year of the Villain and Hell Arisen and then prelude to Joker War and then Joker War but those were minor . . . .