The JOKER : 9 issues of inspired lunacy from a bygone era

And they are right here in the comics section!


Have read a couple, like a lot of Bronze age it definitely hasn’t aged like fine wine. But it is a lot of 70’s fun, shame they can’t get more of that era, although I get not as many people will read them. But definitely think people should give it a try, one of them was re-printed in “The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told” trade of the late 90’s. That is something right?

I’ll read them all eventually! I’m way more interested in the older comics.

No offense to the modern creative teams, but there’s something magical that the modern comics simply aren’t capturing. I don’t know if it’s the slick artwork with perfect shading and beautifully blended colors (which is so perfect, you wonder if it’s the artist or the computer). Or if it’s the totally blunt storytelling.

I used to have the trade of this series. It’s good, but that’s about it. The art is the major selling point.