:00_lc_green_lantern: The Infinite Frontier Green Lantern: Shining Brightly or Fading Out? :00_lc_green_lantern:

I haven’t seen a lot of talk about this series, so I was curious what others think of it.

I’ve read a few issues here and there, and found it to be a decent enough read.

Also, has the series ended? #12 came out in April, and I haven’t seen solicits for future issues. Is it in fact over, or on hiatus?


I actually really like Jo mullein Lantern alot here, since I found her original series to be somewhat underwhelming to read.
She’s how I want someone to write Captain Marvel in Marvel comics.
I am sure some were upset that they retooled the entire Lantern corps but I do like the changes it made to characters like John Stewart, Simon Baz, and especially Jessica Cruz. Gave them more of a bigger role in a way not seen since Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner had in the 90s and 2000s

The only edition to the cast I don’t care for is teen Lantern. She really is the odd man out who probably should have been replaced with someone else because as it here, she’s got no reason to be here except as a mystery that doesn’t get solved in the end.


Yeah, it’s over. In fact, writer Geoffrey Thorne didn’t even know that John was going to be killed off for the start of Dark Crisis. My guess is that DC is probably going to revamp the GL line after Dark Crisis ends.

As for the GL book itself, I’ve been reading it as it came out on this site and while it has a lot of interesting ideas, I feel like the execution has been a little mixed.


I figured it was over, but also thought it may have been on some kind of hiatus.

I’d love to see a new volume of Green Lanterns, with Jess and Simon front and center once more, along with Jo in an ongoing solo series.

Same. I’m not quite caught up to where DCUI is with it, but from what I’ve read (and like I said in the OP) its…decent.


Does Kyle get anything cool to do in this series? I’m not a big lantern head, but I do love Kyle (because of Omega Men).


Best. DC You. Series.


I personally preferred Valentine’s Catwoman series, though it was technically only sort of a DCYou series, but Omega Men is super high up there. Though I should also say I really liked a lot of DCYou series!


Right you are, because that was the DC You era of a New 52 series and-

his eyes go cross-eyed, then revert back to normal


I did too. The Omega Men, Prez, Midnighter, Doomed (yes, I’m the one person who genuinely likes it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), Telos, Superman: Lois and Clark and of course, Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America were all stand-outs.

The DC You portions of New 52 titles weren’t too shabby, either. Among others, I enjoyed Truth and its carryovers in the Superman line, while I absolutely LOVED The Darkseid War (technically-speaking, it took place before all of the other DC You schtuff, but it was marketed as being part of DC You, so it counts).


It’s over. Whether they’re going to build on what happened in it or retcon the ■■■■ out of it is anyone’s guess.

“Decent enough read” is a good description. It had moments where it felt really good, only for things to fizzle and get convoluted. Lots of interesting ideas, but doing them all at once made it a rather bloated read in my opinion. Should have separated them into different arcs and given the book some room to breath. Let things simmer a bit, you know? Instead I was constantly going back to the previous issues to remind myself of whatever craziness happened before.

Get Phillip Kennedy Johnson a regular GL gig. He’ll know how to do the proper world building a book like Green Lantern needs.


Don’t say that! They might take him off Action…:shushing_face:

Of course, if he can do Action and a GL book, then shine your ring, Mr. Johnson! :grin:


Good point. Forget I said anything :joy:.

The guy’s doing Venom (or was it Carnage?), Alien, and James Bond though. Take him off the Marvel book!


They can rework him as a omega men, retire that lantern ring to become a space ranger. I don’t like he is pretty much a limbo green lantern now.


Alien is a Marvel book too, yeah?

I haven’t read new Marvel since 2015, but if they did an Alien vs. Venom story…I could be persuaded to check that out.


I think you’re right. Don’t know much about what the other (non-DC) guys are doing. Keep thinking I will change that, but never do. Last non-DC comic I read was a volume of Saga from, I don’t know, 5 or 6 years ago.


I was kinda-sorta going to get back into at least one or two current X-books earlier this year, but then DC went and announced a whole bunch of cool stuff, so I said “X ain’t marking the spot this time, bub.” and abandoned that idea.


Yes, Alien is a Marvel book. I have read the latest forgettable issues as they have released on Marvel Unlimited. Maybe I would like them more if I had ever seen the movies. Yes, I know, I know, what’s wrong with me? :rofl: As far as the Green Lantern series goes, it is ok, although the whole blowing up the power battery thing is kind of meh as a plot device.


See Alien and Aliens, and then disregard everything that comes after.

Aliens is one of the greatest sequels of all time, and anything after is just piffle and drivel.

As George Harrison said on The Simpsons, “Its been done.”


I have not read the full series, but so far I’ve found it redundant and pointlessly mean. Yes, there’s epochs of potential in telling a stories where Jo and Keli and their slightly different applications of green power are needed to save the day, and protect the universe. This really doesn’t live up to that potential.


I’d agree with @moro and I’d say it was just decent. I thought it was forgettable and a bit boring, but I did like John Stewart.


Overall I rather enjoyed it. Sojourner Mullien has quickly become a new favorite of mine thanks to Far Sector so seeing her take charge was a delight. And making Simon Baz into a supporting character to the book was alot of fun.

That said I wasn’t really wowed by the John Stewert B plot and how that whole thing was basically just a rehash of Justice League Odyssey but with different New God shenanigans thrown in.

There sure was alot going on in the story. A little to much honestly which makes me wonder if it was intended to be much longer but the writer was told to wrap it up and tried rushing things to the finish line.

Off the top of my head plotlines over the twelve issue series included

  1. The Lantern Corp carving out a new identity as its now a member of the Federation of Planets and not its own independent entity. With Sojourner Mullien in charge.

  2. A whole mystery surrounding Keli Quintelas power glove, where it comes from, and why people get attacked by it when they try to remove it.

  3. John Stewert and half of the Green Lanterns being marooned in a sector of space where time works differently and they do not have lantern rings anymore while some crazy new god is trying to murder an entire sectors worth of aliens as a blood ritual to bring Lightray back to life.

  4. A whole mystery plot because someone destroyed the super battery thats the source of all the Lanterns powers, put the Guardians into stasis, and instantly murdered hundreds of Green Lanterns in an instant.

  5. ‘What happened to the Lanterns?’ unresolved plotlines. For we find out what happened to some of them (like Simon lost an arm, Guy Gardner is stranded on an unknown planet. Oa is drifting silent.) but we never find out what happens to most of them.

  6. Jessica Cruz’ whole deal. The story has her turn into a Yellow Lantern because she kicks three Sinestro corps members butts so bad that they become terrified of her. The story very much suggested this was going to be explored in more detail.

  7. When all the lantern rings in the universe snuffed out, the only one left was Sojourner Mullien because she had a special new kind of ring. But its also established that Hal Jordon also had a fully working ring and has just been chilling out on Earth, though its never explained why his ring is working.

Not all of these storylines got as much exploration as they could have had. Some have rushed resolutions. Others are not resolved at all.

The finale was a really strange thing. Delayed by a full month, it bordered on a clip show. Tying up every loose end it could at breakneck speeds. Establishing Oas power battery is now a rainbow that covers ALL LANTERN CORPs now.
Were told that off panel all of the other lantern homeworlds were destroyed which might have been something the story should have covered.
Likewise were told that the Guardians are all dead which we didn’t actually see happen by the finale.

And when the lanterns get their rings back, peoples rings get reshuffled so some people who were green lanterns are now star saphires or blue lanterns. Some Saphires are now yellow and so on.
Also Simon Baz is now haunted by the ghosts of the dead Green Lanterns?
And the marooned Lanterns in the goofy sector of space are presumed dead by everyone else and still do not have their rings?

And overall we never actually find out where most of the characters wound up by the end of the story.
With Keli slipping into a coma some issues back and never coming out of it. Her gauntlet being destroyed to boot. Hal showed up in issue 11 and issue 12 basically put him in center stage as if he was the central figure the entire time.
And we never find out about whatever happened to the likes of Kyle, Guy, Jessica and the like.

He pops up in one of the first issues and gets assigned to another planet as its permanent security.