The IMAX Shazam Experience: Worth it?

Has anyone seen Shazam in IMAX? I’m very curious to hear what that presentation is like from any who have experienced the movie that way.

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It is awesome, not as good as Infinity War was in IMAX though. Its one of those movies where you could go either way.

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I don’t believe it’s worth it. Never saw it in imax though. My theater here in Florida has an XL feature option. And the surround sound is better in it. It’s basically a midtier option between standard and IMAX. Shazam doesn’t have a lot of :scream:OMG moments. Some movies are just unnecessary to be IMAX’ed```
good cash grab though. But the movie was good.

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I’d say Maddox is right. Shazam didn’t have quite enough visual spectacle to justify paying extra to see it on IMAX, so you’ll probably be fine seeing it on an ordinary sized screen.


I also saw it in a XL screen with great sound and thoroughly enjoyed it. It doesn’t have the visuals of Aquaman or Wonder Woman so a smaller screen is just fine.

I try to see every movie I go to in IMax but IMax cost the same as 3D at the theater i go to. But I think seeing Shazam in IMax is the way to go. Also I’m not sure how my local IMax compares to other IMax screens but IMax in my area is the best way to watch a movie.