The Flashpoint Paradox

On the DC Daily panel, why was there no love for the very first appearance of Grifter of WildC.A.T.s fame on the DC small screen. To me, that is a HUGE deal. That means we could have the Covert Action Teams in the DC Universe proper…that would be upwards of AWESOME!

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If I had to guess, it’s because most of the DC daily panelists arent actual comic books fans and didn’t realize the significance.
But yes, DC owns Wildstorm and its characters, WildCATS, Gen 13, Stormwatch, Team 7, all are possible

The only one who seemed to have any idea about Flashpoint outside the animated film was the guy sitting next to Barrowman. Maybe the host asking the questions too.

Barrowman and Harley Smith seemed to have seen the animated film but are dumbfounded

The young actor who is always there has probably at least seen The Flash but I doubt he’s read the full flashpoint comic story.

They need to use Hector Navarro in every panel because he seems like one of the few legit true fans of dc and source material

I mean Humpries is a huge fan and one of DC’s writers I really liked his runs on Green Lanterns and Nightwing.

Half the time it feels like the DC Daily panel isn’t made up of hardcore fans, just tv/internet personalities that try to appear eager and enthused, but that might just be the cynici in me talking.