The Flash

Why does no one appreciate the flash that much? He is one of the strongest leaguers. He’s incredibly smart, super creative and he has more than just one ability.

not sure at first i was like well the flash just runs fast nothing special than when i watched the tv series on netflix i was amazed and was like wow i really love the flash now im even watching the 1990 flash and its really good just sad theres one season

He’s extremely powerful.

The tv show doesn’t do it justice

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I’ve been a big fan of his since 1990. He seems to get alot of appreciation in outside comic entertainment (especially in animation), publishing and especially merchandising. I’ve never seen him as anything but highly regarded.


I’ve always appreciated him and thought he often was by others

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I’ve always appreciated the Flash ever since I was kid. Most people aren’t aware of his abilities. They just think that he can only run fast, but there’s so much more he can do.

Just watch the scene from Justice League Unlimited when Wally destroys the fusion between Lex Luthor and Brainiac one of the greatest moments of how strong the flash is


I’d say The Flash is fairly appreciated!
Though, as a huge Flash fan… I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a tiny bit more recognition.

A national holiday shouldn’t be too much to ask. :smile:

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I think it’s because he’s kind of the comic relief for the JL like Beast Boy is for Doom Patrol & TNTT. They can both pull their weight & then some, but sometimes u need a character to break the tension & crack jokes to lighten it up too. I don’t think anyone who knows his character thinks he’s a joke, just to the untrained eye he might come off that way.

There are definitely Flash fans around, don’t worry about that. It’s not too hard to spot us if you know where to look and what to look for. The Flash Legacy is my favorite hero legacy above all of them, and I support all DC Speedsters. I’m a HUGE Flash Fan and love to post Flash Comics Trivia on my Twitter page.

PS Flash Day is Feb 11th😉

He’s my favorite.

There wouldn’t be a Justice League without The Flash!