the flash tv show on Netflix

The flash. dose anyone else get butterflies when dc shows team up the the arrow and the legends,supergirl and the flash like the 4 part tv spin off I had to cry when I found out the flash season 5 is coming out tomorrow what is your favorite dc Netflix super hero and when do you think black lighting is gonna team up with the 4th dc super hero.

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I definitely like the crossovers!

If Black Lightning is going to join the Arrowverse, the Crisis would be the perfect time. I’m not really sure why it would be kept separate. Even in the same universe, the shows wouldn’t to overlap much - or even at all throughout the season. Although, name drops and guest appearances are fun. Big crossovers are more fun.

I am hoping that Crisis does for CW what the original Crisis did, and align all the DCU shows into one universe. Put Supergirl and Black Lightning squarely in the Earth 1 Universe. We know SG is from a different earth and it’s never been explicitly stated which Earth BL takes place on.

When LoT gets involved with the crossovers is my favorite part.