The Flash To Be Replaced By [SPOILER]

As part of DC’s 5G initiative, the mantle of The Flash is being passed on to an unlikely character. Read below if you are okay with being spoiled on who it will be

Captain Boomerang’s son Owen Mercer who would assume the mantle of Captain Boomerang is set to become the next Flash. He has not been seen since Suicide Squad #47.

What are your thoughts on this undeniably controversial and huge change?


Oy. The more I hear about this 5G thing, the less I like it.


The more I hear about this, the more 5G sounds like DC’s “Holiday Special” that we will all be laughing/shaking our heads at decades from now.


It’s a great idea but the way it is being implemented based on what little we’ve heard about it is far from satisfactory, if not questionable


Wait, isn’t this the guy who was feeding children to his zombie dad in Blackest Night?

Just… just checking.


Explain this 5G business…

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Too early to determine how to feel. Too much rumor with no word from dc

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It’s the next reboot of DC. Focused on 5 generations of DC comics. Comics will be part of different generations. Ww2, Superman, Post CoIE, Nu52/Rebirth, and a new gen where new characters will take the mantle of older people

Looking around for a paper bag to breathe into…


It could work, but DC baby confirmed anything yet.

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Yeah, the only ones who have really given us some sort of inkling about what is or may be going on is a lot of the trusted news sites like BleedingCool and even then it is still questionable but not unlikely. DC has made out-of-left field choices like this before. After all it wasn’t that long ago that Commissioner Jim Gordon was Batman despite being the one person we’d have never thought would be that.

Yeah… I plan to wait until DC says something. Likely at SDCC.

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I hope it’s a lot sooner than that. I’d really like these rumors to either be denied, or have more information about it.

Yeah, I feel like it’s going to begin in October 2020 which means SDCC. We still have Crisis 2020 before we kick this off.

The next Flash is going to be Spoiler? But Stephanie Brown’s not even a speedster!


I admire your wit :joy:


As always, I’ll give the creative team a fair chance to prove themselves before passing judgment.

That said, I don’t see why Barry can’t stay as Flash…

The Flash: The Fastest Accessory to Cannibalistic Homicide Alive


@BatJamags Could you explain your comment?

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@Nathan.Payson in Blackest Night Owen brought his zombified father humans to eat.