:00_flash:The Flash Season 9 Discussion Thread:00_flash:

:rotating_light:SPOILER WARNING​:rotating_light:

The Flash is on his final journey and with that do is Arrowverse it seems. So let’s chat discuss and enjoy :+1: as the season premieres tonight (Feb 8th).


Well, this seemed like an odd episode to begin the final season with. I did enjoy it, but in some ways it seemed more like a filler episode from the middle of a season than the first episode of a season.

Anyway, the Groundhog Day premise is pretty much cliche now. I mean how many different shows and moves have done time loops now? I think it worked for this episode though. I was glad to see The Flash face off against a new version of Captain Boomerang. I am a bit worried about the identity of this season’s big bad though. I am really hoping it is not some version of the Reverse Flash yet again.


For me the main question that kept coming up was……
Did Barry learn NOTHING from Back to the Future?!?
Doc Brown said it at the end of BTTF III!
“Your future isn’t written! Nobody’s Is!
The future is what you make of it!
So make it a good one!”


I could understand Barry’s desire for a stable future given all the insane timeline crap he’s been through since becoming the Flash, but it was also pretty obvious right away that he was in the wrong. It’s because of all those events like Flashpoint and Crisis that keep changing the timeline that guarantee his book of the future would’ve changed at some point regardless of his attempts to stick to those events. You’d think it’s something he should really know by now, but still better to learn it late than never


I know Time Loop episodes have been done a bunch in the Arrowverse but I still find them funny. A weird way to start the final season, but I guess it worked.

I am excited to see Owen Mercer in the mix here. Considering he, in the comics, is the son of the first Captain Boomerang and Meloni Thawne. Though, that looked like Red Death’s symbol at the end, right? Unless, I’m messing up my evil speedster symbols. So, that should be fun.

I agreed completely with Iris in this episode here. Though I did sympathize with Barry. I get wanting a sense of safety in knowing what is to come but giving up free will in their lives wasn’t the way to do it.

It was annoying that the answer to the time loop was basically ‘love’. Which is always the answer to a Flash plot line. One day I’d like the answer to be ‘just punch it real hard’. But after 9 seasons of this, maybe I’m just tired of Barry and Iris. :sweat_smile:



Fun premier. Alway enjoy the groundhog episodes.

Joe wants to leave and move on from the hero life. Cecil wants to get into it. Wonder how that will play out.

Chester and Alegra kiss but still seem awkward about that. Wonder how that will play out.

Barry getting promoted and Iris going global nice. A fun story were I understand were Barry was coming from knew he was wrong. But they work it out and seem happier for it.

A new Boomer is here. Pretty cool stuff. Then Red Death finally appears. Awesome™:+1:.

What’s Red Deaths plan? Will Joe and Cecil leave? What with Katlyn/Frost? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel


I abhor this show so much!! Horrible start to the end of the series, the only interesting things were Owen Mercer’s Captain Boomerang and Danielle Panabaker’s new character, and Red Death of course.


Disappointed in the use of Red Death, and the stubbornness of DC use of Bruce Wayne dating back to Smallville.


It’s a frustrating season premiere, because on the one hand it was nice to see Barry and Iris together again. Feels like we haven’t seen that in so long. And I liked seeing the new Captain Boomerang, but a time loop story felt like a filler episode that would normally be later in the season.

If the opening dream sequence reminded me of anything it’s that we don’t need a “team Flash”. While I may like some, we need to whittle down as many side characters as possible. I don’t relish any Chester and Allegra stuff taking up valuable time in a shortened season.


The 1st episode was pretty good. I wanted to see more of the Red Death tho. I feel like they could have made the groundhog day thing shorter. And what is with the chester and allegra thing? It’s been going on forever, and they’re practically already dating.


You’re talking about Ian Somerhalder’s Adam Knight, right?


Killing off Caitlin like she meant nothing?!! God, this show is just horrible!!


I really don’t know what to make of this episode.

I’m not sure I like how they are handling the entire Caitin/Frost storyline. Caitlin has essentially died. Why aren’t the characters mourning? That really doesn’t make sense to me. I enjoyed the whole subplot with The Fiddler and The Pied Piper, although in some ways it felt like filler. I am really hoping that the series picks up soon. I am looking forward to Red Death, as it’s pretty obvious that who is the Big Bad is.


It’s obvious to those that read the casting announcement, LOL.


Really interested in what the Red Death is trying to do. The Snow/Keonne thing is kinda confusing. I feel like they need to focus on the Red Death more, I think they probrably will since episode 1 ending with us seeing Snow, and 2nd episode ended with Red Death so hopefully we’ll see more next episode. I feel like they did a good job just setting up the story. I feel like it’s going kinda slow right now but I think it will definitely pick up once they start to get into the Red Death more, also a really cool villain. Is anyone else wondering how they will do the Red Death’s story? They’re probrably gonna change it a little since (not included in the show yet) → it’s Batwoman. In the trailer they said that “this new evil speedster wants to build a timemachine”. I haven’t read any comics including Red Death, but I know the main story. Definitely looking forward to the next episode.


I am really starting to dislike Barry. He criticizes Mark about trying to save Frost and to respect Caitlins wishes, but it it would have been Iris, Barry would have been flipping out also and doing everything he could to bring her back.



Nice episode

The team deals with the the loss of Katlyn. Definitely a quick reaction but their minds focused on trying to save to then realizing it was her choice they’re fast at accepting such. They lost many before so maybe they have grown more at expressing their grief. Or maybe it hasn’t hit them as her body is still there just not her in it :thinking:. Either way snow now Khione is her to stay it seems. She seems nice. Wonder how that will play out. Mark I see maybe teaming up with Red Death for revenge to later change his heart.

The main story continues as pied piper is back in a battle with a new fiddler. The new rouges look to be working with RD as they are revealed. Pretty cool suit. Like how they adapted it. Interested in more of the differences this RD has.

The dance scene at the end was fun. A nice fun moment.

What’s Red Death’s plan? Is Catlyn truly gone? What is Mark going to do now? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel


I actually forgot the show came back lmao. Looks like I got some catching up to do


It’s why I’ve always hated Barry, literally the only reason I’m still seeing this show is because of Danielle Panabaker, no one else.


Well, I enjoyed this episode over all.

I have always been a fan of caper movies, so the idea of Barry and the four rogues breaking into a government facility was fun. Personally, I might have gone with a different group of rogues, but it worked out fine. I enjoyed seeing the rogues argue among themselves. The one problem I have with the episode is the big reveal of Red Death at the end. I was really hoping it would be Bruce Wayne.