The Flash Season 5 Spoiler Room

The Flash Season 5 is now on Netflix, so it’s time to say what you thought on the whole season.

  1. Did you like Nora’s full story?
  2. What episode stood out the most to you?
  3. Was Cicada a good villain?
  4. Was Cicade II a good villain?
  5. Was Thawne’s story sucessful?
  6. What did you think of that Crisis Teaser?
  7. Who is the MVP of Season 5?
  8. Finally, Score the Season out of 10!

1.)It wasn’t horrible, but I did find it annoying how the show focused almost entirely on her, a new character, when she isn’t even sticking around for later seasons.

2.)I’ll get back to this one later. Maybe.

3.)Maybe for an episode or a short arc. Dragging it out for a full season doesn’t work.

4.)Same as #3

5.)I actually really liked the twist and his plan made sense (or at least as close to sense the CW DC shows get). I also love that we have confirmation of the negative speed force and an explanation for how Thawne can still be around after never being born and a version of him from before he was never born being killed.

6.)It was basically just like “Um… we’re doing the crossover in 2019. We need to fix the newspaper’s date. We don’t really have a good reason why it would change, so I guess we’re just going to do it anyways and just not explain it. Maybe we’ll come up with something later?

7.)Nobody! There’s so many characters that the writers had to actually write characters out of episodes. And everybody acts stupid or like a jerk just to explain why it takes over twenty episodes for five intelligent people with powers and their friends to catch CICADA.

8.)6/10 - The most mediocre thing imaginable. But I can’t stop watching for some reason, so I guess I kind of liked it.

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  1. Did you like Nora’s full story? - No

  2. What episode stood out the most to you? - The last one, because her death was emotional and heartbreaking

  3. Was Cicada a good villain?- No

  4. Was Cicade II a good villain? - No. Even worse than Cicada I

  5. Was Thawne’s story successful? - Kinda. I like the actor who plays Thawne (he’s really good and so versatile with all of his roles), so I enjoyed his scenes just because it was him. I didn’t really get a “Father-figure” vibe from him to Nora though. To me it felt more like he had a slight crush on her.

  6. What did you think of that Crisis Teaser? - It was the best part of the season.

  7. Who is the MVP of Season 5? - I agree with @Awesome_Squid, Nobody.

  8. Finally, Score the Season out of 10! - 6/10. I stopped watching it live & weekly about 2/3 of the way through the season. I just binged the last 5 episodes I missed via Netflix. I finished the season because I want to be up to date on all the shows before the Crossover. This used to be my favorite show! I’m sad that I’m not blown away by it anymore.

I am rarely this negative, but I just have to be honest, this season was one of the worst for me. I did not like that Joe was shown as somehow afraid of being in charge at the end. It didn’t feel right. Joe is fully capable of running the place and I don’t see him as the type of guy that would have a lot of self-doubt and hesitation.

Nora. The actress was soooo perfect for the role, but the character was tiresome to me.

Vibe is my favorite character on the show, so I’m not happy to see him go. I’m glad he found love, but I miss his old girlfriend, she was feisty and fun.

Caitlyn’s story was interesting, but not very memorable for me.

Detective Wells grew on me, I liked him a lot by the end of the show. I hope his new girlfriend returns, I like her (I remember her from the Father of the Bride series).

Ralph was amazing! I didn’t like his character at all last season and but I really loved him this season. Same with Cecile.

Barry and Iris were good. I’m always happy to see a stable relationship, even through trials.

On to the Crossover!!!