The Flash New 52

I have been wanting to start New 52 Flash, but I’m not sure if it’s any good. I have heard that the art is great and similar to J.H Williams, b ut no one talks about the story. So what do you guys say, is it any good?


The art is very pretty and the layouts can get very creative when it comes to demonstrating everyone’s powers. Unfortunately, the story itself is…lacking…
I think this was Manupal’s first actual assignment as a writer (though I could be wrong on that front), and his lack of experience shows. It’s not terrible or awful by any means, it just falls into a lot of cliches and at times it feels like he’s trying too hard to turn Barry Allen into Peter Parker (angst and all!). If you’re a fan of good artwork I’d recommend checking it out, just don’t expect to be blown away by the story proper.


In my opinion, it’s one of the only good things to come out of that dumpster fire.

It’s bad, but I kind of love it.