The Flash movie

When will it come out

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It was noticeably absent from the movie release schedule WB Pictures released a couple of weeks ago. However it’s apparently still in the works since Ezra Miller recently made comments about it and there were rumors about more rewrites.

Given that Miller has a main part in the Fantastic Beasts series, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Flash movie is delayed until he is finished with that project.

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They just hired a new producer. Rumor is the “Flashpoint” storyline isn’t happening. WB is pumping the brakes on the crossover movies. Also with The recasting of Batman and potentially Superman, it could be difficult to pull off.
I guess they are working on a solo Flash script as of now. Unfortunately, The Flash doesn’t have a lot of iconic solo stories in the comics to draw from like other DC characters.

i dont the movie will happen if it does i hope it wally west and not barry give the kid the spot light.

I doubt it’ll be Wally. They may introduce Wally in it. But the age they have the Flash currently, seems unlikely.
What I think would have been a clever move would have been have Ezra Miller as Wally (he’s pretty much been written like him). And in his origin have him explain Barry disappeared shortly after he gained his powers. This way they could eventually use both Wally and a more accurate Barry.