The Flash Movie

We all know the story of FLASHPOINT. Do you think the FLASH movie will encapsulate the advent and reset the DCU? And do you think it could converge with FUTURE STATE? Maybe I am being over analytical here but it could create a nice POST DCU setting for new ground, events, and characters, what do you think?

I think Flashpoint would be a good way to reboot the DCEU with most actor’s coming back with the exception of Affleck and Pattinson taking over and making BoP non-canon(or reboot that as well)

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No, and stop doing it. All Flash does now is wreck the timeline over and over and over and over and over and over. It was more interesting than good the first time and old the second time. Just make a simple story about him saving the city from Captain Cold or Grodd.

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From my understanding, it’s going to be loosely based on Flashpoint, and it’s not necessarily going to reboot or cancel anything, but mostly just to establish (the idea of) a multiverse.

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If it establishes a multiverse, do you have expectations of expansion of the DC Universe with more different characters and more creative ideas?

that a question or a statement?

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Whatever the movie does I’d leave Future State out of it