The Flash: Godspeed

I usually comment only on the Legends episodes but two things struck me from this episode.

  1. Unofficial confirmation of Black Lightning in Arrowverse: Spotted Gambi and Sons van when Nora first tries her powers.
  2. The Nora/Thawne meetings have always had that Clarice/Hannibal vibe none so much as this episode

One more question I have is which Eobard Thawne is this one? The first season one was eliminated when his ancestor killed himself and he only changed himself to look like Wells after being stranded in our past not the future.
There was another one plucked from the timestream in an earlier a Legends episode when he was part of Legion of Doom but he looked like his original self and then was eliminated by the Black Flash.
So are they going to explain this one in prison in 2049 with Wells’ face?

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It seems like this Thawne is the one Barry fights in the newspaper article battle. I’m not sure, but he might be the same one from Crisis on Earth X.

hard to keep track, they appear to be using alternate-timeline chicanery, and I don’t think it’s been revealed yet which Reverse Flash that is …

but I thought the 2049 character is somehow an original Thawne/Wells, based on events and conversation from when Barry and Nora recently travelled back in time (to 2015?) to have Thawne fix the thing in order to defeat Cicada

saw that Gambi nod, as well, and on a drycleaner’s van or whatever, heh

they’ve mentioned Supergirl by name a couple times on BL, but I don’t think it’s a hard confirm of universe sharing

I will say I have not liked Nora all season, but this one did make me feel a bit sympathetic to her. Even though they redeemed Iris from Nora thinking she was a “horrible mother”, and even though it is understandable why she would have blocked Nora’s powers… it doesn’t mean she did the right thing. Yet Nora did eventually forgive her.

Also cold hearted Barry took it upon himself to send Nora back to the future and basically tell her he would stop her if she came back before anyone had a chance to say goodbye to her. I get it is Reverse Flash and all… but not like they haven’t all made questionable calls.

Was glad Sherloque got called out on the fact he sat on the info about Nora then dropped a bomb right when Nora was actually going to come clean just before she did. So if she had not wanted to come clean then was he just going to continue to let it go without telling them? Thought he was going to get a pass for that, glad he didn’t becasue realistically I wouldn’t have.

All in all a good episode, given I have been over Nora for months I give them credit for making me ALMOST want to now sympathize with her.

Credit to the actress who played Nora’s best friend. Had the unenviable job of selling herself as someone that close to Nora and making the audience care neough when she died to feel for Nora in very little time with no buildup.

A good episode for what so far as been a not bad but not great season.

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The Gambi connection is more towards the pilot than Black Lightning. Barry crashed into a Gambi Cleaners truck when he first got his powers, so it’s kind a nod to that.

Paul Gambi is a tailor to the Rogues in the Flash comics while his brother Peter Gambi is a tailor to Black Lightning.


@superby1 thanks for letting me know what the reference was to. I should go back and watch those early episodes again.
I also liked the shout-out to Tracy Brand with one of the labs named after her.
I also wanted to comment on how mean Barry was. Seemed out of character for him and too harsh. Hell he changed everyone’s timeline a couple of times when messing with time and he was forgiven so why not Nora.

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@DanTheManOne1 I agree with you on Nora’s best friend. She had her team flash of two and I liked her. Felt so devastated that she was killed but I guess it helped add to Nora’s anger over her mom hiding the secret of her powers. Maybe if Nora had been training with them since younger she could have saved her friend.

I get the feeling we may never know which one this is. Maybe Nora actually comes from an alternate future where Wells/Thawne never disappeared from our timeline but went to jail to serve his time.
This might make sense but then again his whole time remnant creation he was able to do on Legends might have left one around. And maybe he liked Wells’ look and took that on since people knew what Thawne looked like.

@IMM As Eobard escaped at the end of the Crisis X crossover he said he would return but wondered what face he’d be wearing the next time they would meet.

From a real world practical standpoint, the identity of Eobard depends on what actor is available for filming. In terms of story, I think he uses the Wells face as a form of psychological warfare to mess with Barry’s head.

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I wasn’t really a fan of this episode. I just feel that the small nora story line was unnecessary. And the acting drives me crazy >_>…along with the over sold melodramatic story telling. Noras friend was annoying :tired_face: but… sigh idk. I LOVED JLU vs Fatal Five better than this episode we just watched.

Godspeed had a nice intro. He’s gotta be like the 3rd or 4the speedster villain… So the fact that they didn’t spend too much time on him is great. It was just enough.

There hasn’t been much anticipation for us when it comes to these pivotal moments that the characters are so affected by. There hasnt been a thing this season that we as the viewers didn’t already see coming. It’s like the writers are not even trying to impress us. It’s just… HERE YA GO :open_hands:.
What happened to the mystery?

Either way… Episode was more lackluster than memorable.

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@ImpulseMaxMercury I went ahead and took care of some duplicate posts for you. : )


@BeastBoy thanks! I have no idea why it duplicated when I only made one

I’m pretty sure the Reverse Flash is the same one from that earth but was the one that worked with the Legion Of Doom in Legends Of Tomorrow. So the timeline is malleable…

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