the flash by Geoff Johns volume 6

This looks to be released at the end of August. The solicitation says it includes the flash rebirth 1-6. I’ve got the trade paperback of this and do not need them in volume 6 of John’s run. DC must be aware most fans already own rebirth, it’s easily available. They could lower the rather exorbitant price of volume 6, and I don’t imagine anyone would care. Ah well, but I don’t need the same story in two different books. I guess I’ll just give the flash rebirth away when the time comes.

Weird. The solicitation seems to have vanished or I’m on a bevy of mind altering hallucinogens.

No, it’s not you, it’s DC. They’re doing something screwy with their trade program right now. There have been a lot of collections that got solicited and now are nowhere to be seen. :man_shrugging:

They are doubling their trade size to be closer to the size of Watchmen. Basically LCS’s are the minority in comic sales. Trades are now the Majority of sales which is really interesting. I can attest that I bought 150 in Trades at my LCS and 20 in LCS single issues.

So I’m sure it’s coming. BE Patient. (You can also read it on DCU)