The Flash 1990

I enjoyed watching the original The Flash 1990 series. I loved John Wesley Shipp’s version of Barry Allen. I also loved seeing more of Amanda Pays as Tina McGee since she was on a couple episodes of The CW Flash. The main reason I was excited for this show was to see more of Mark Hamill as The Trickster. You can see that Hamill incorporated parts of The Trickster into his Joker role a few years later. I also loved the episodes when Flash teams up with the retired Nightshade. I was surprised by the music score. I was expecting the electric keyboard type music that was used at that time, but the music is by a full orchestra. Danny Elfman composes the theme song, and Shirley Walker composes each episode. I recommend watching the show because it’s very different from The CW show. I also have a feeling watching this show might come in handy for The Elseworlds crossover on December 9!


I’ve always thought this show was great. I still remember when it premiered . I remember my Dad remarking on the clear influence of 1989 Batman. It was my first Netflix rental too. Amanda Pays was fire back in the day

I watched it when I was a kid. Rather, I tried to. It was always pre-empted by CBS’ coverage of the Gulf War, which was obviously newsworthy, but not to most kids who wanted to see The Flash. It was moved around so often that I could never find it and then it was cancelled.

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I finally saw it all when the DVD set came out in 2005. Glad to see it on DCU too.