The Flash (1990) - 30th Anniversary Viewing

I’m going to be re-watching the 1990 series ‘The Flash’ in its entirety before it leaves us here on DC Universe and will be posting my SPOILER FREE reviews and thoughts here with one post per episode as I go.

I haven’t seen this series since it first aired but I remember watching it back then and how revolutionary it was to have a superhero show that was for adults in primetime. I’m looking forward to re-watching this and re-discovering it with a nostalgic eye and a love of all things DC.

Hope you’ll join me in the viewing and in posting your thoughts on the series!

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I’m four episodes in and I really like this show. There’s nothing too deep about the characters or plots but the combination of old and new is really fun - it feels like a show from the 1950s but it’s using cars and technology from the 1990s. It’s a film noir style that has fun with the genre and keeps it simple for kids but also has violence and some sexuality for the adults.

I took a break for a while because I wanted to binge all the stuff that was leaving on the 18th but now that it’s gone I’m back for more Flash!