The Flash 100th Episode

What did everyone think about the 100th episode? I thought it was good to see the three speedster villains again, especially Reverse Flash. Definitely my favorite villain of the series so far.

Also liked the ending. When Nora went to see Henry and Nora and Barry followed her. I thought it was a nice moment to incorporate Barry’s parents into the episode. And then with Nora at the end?! Crazy! I knew something was up with her but the confirmation was a great cliffhanger.

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I need to re-watch that episode. I feel like I missed a few things… What’s the connection with Nora and the locked up Wells? And what was the last scene all about?

SN: The actress playing Nora looks SO MUCH like Wally’s character and even a lot like Iris!

It made the season a lot more believable!


My guess is Nora will do anything to alter the timeline to have a chance to grow up with her father.

Seeking help from Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash may be the only way. Nora asks Barry about Thawne … ‘so you have worked with him before …’

Last time we saw Thawne was Crisis on Earth-X fighting with the Flash … Barry defeats him and he says ‘whose face will I be wearing next time we meet …’ which could indicate Sherloque is actually Thawne, or even that the final-scene 2049 Wells is Thawne

then again, Reverse Flash Thawne is erased from one timeline in an episode of Legends … keeping track of all this can be impossible

love that Jessica Parker-Kennedy as Nora though, great addition to the cast