The end finale was so disappointing I’m probably gonna cancel my subscription. Just lazy filler content. I expected more

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Are you kidding me that episode was amazing! Probably one of the best on screen interpretations of Gotham ever! An amazing fever dream story about Dick Grayson hunting down Batman. Batman was portrayed as a mysterious unstoppable badass. I mean what more could you ask for?


I was disappointed they fumbled the ending, otherwise a pretty good season


I wasn’t a huge fan of the cliffhanger ending, but they’d picked up season 2 far in advance so I consider it a mid-season finale in my head, which is acceptable. In that respect, I loved it.


I too was disappointing with the ending of season one. My son and I were really enjoying the show. The finale felt really flat. Hopefully season two will be better.

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You’re going to cancel your subscription because the finale was bad to you? If you liked the show and the app, you shouldn’t cancel because of one episode of a show. I’m not trying to offend you or anything; just giving my input.


wow what an original troll post.

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I’m confused. Is everyone saying that a cliffhanger is bad in general or just this specific one? I love cliffhangers. They can be amazing if done right! See Star Trek TNG “Best of both worlds”

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I haven’t watched since the first episode and I’m not going to. The whole show is trash in my opinion. I mean, the acting was fine and I like the actors but, I absolutely despise the writing. The show can choke as far as I’m concerned.

Dick Grayson is at his worst in episode #1

…a lot of the show is about Grayson coming to terms with the pain and violence he inflicts as his alter ego

Geez some of you guys are hard to please.

I remember a time when people dreamed of a service/app like this, to have all of their comic book heroes brought to life on the big and small screen, to have almost unlimited content in every way imaginable. Then it happened. Then the masses complained because they didn’t have creative control. If you want your “story” told, then learn to write, learn to direct, produce, find “some” talent of your own (if you have any) and contribute. Otherwise, you’re just a talentless crybaby screaming for attention you don’t deserve.

Oh, and remember that time when there was none of this content? Trust me, it will all go away again, because if YOU the “Real Fan” doesn’t stick up for your beloved art form, once the main stream is no longer Interested in this “Comic book thing” (and believe it baby doll, thats all the studios care about is the main stream $$$$) it will dry up and be gone. On that day you’ll say I shouldn’t have complained about all those plot lines, or that bad twist or poor casting, now I’ve got nothing.

Stop being spoiled dummies. We’re lucky.

I gotta side with the writing on the show being a dumpster fire. How is this gonna break Rachel exactly?
“I made Robin do a bad thing in his mind, daughter!”
“This Robin? The ‘F- Batman’ violent psychopath Robin I’ve had no problems hanging out with all this time? I hope you didn’t strain yourself with that effort, Dad.”

They didn’t earn any shock from that because they didn’t give Robin an arc. Dick was messed up in ep 1 and he was still just as messed up in ep 11. If this had been some kind of backslide, sure, that would be shocking, but this was just meh.

I’ll probably keep watching since sometimes a good dumpster fire is all you need to keep warm.

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@guitarradioshow so you’re basically saying we should never criticize anything?..