The February 100-Page Giants Are Out

This past Friday, the 15th, saw the release of this month’s batch of 100-Page Giant comics at better Walmart stores.

The new releases are:

-Aquaman Giant #3
-From Beyond The Unknown Giant #1 (nice to see that title back in action, if only for a one-shot; this features brand new Green Lantern, Kamandi and Legion of Super-Heroes tales)
-Superman Giant #2
-Titans Giant #1

As always, these books will also be available at direct market retailers in the weeks ahead, and with alternate covers.

SN: From Beyond The Unknown (seen above via an eBay pic) is the best of the bunch. Green Lantern, Kamandi and Legion, oh my!


As you know, Super Vroom, I have been reading the original stories from the various Titans Giants in the Burning rage book. Are all of the new stories meant to be reprinted in this fashion?

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For the regular, ongoing, bi-monthly titles, I would assume their new content will continue to be reprinted.

For the one-shots, it’s more of a gamble. The new content from 2018’s Swamp Thing Halloween Giant is just now being reprinted in trade, and as of right now at least, none of the new content from the other one-shots is known to be scheduled for reprinting in some form.

So while the new volume of Titans Giant will likely see life in reprinted form, if something like From Beyond The Unknown tickles your fancy, it’d be a good idea to hit up your Walmarts that carry the Giant line, or you can wait until March 25th and get it at a comic store.