The Evolution of YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS' Terra

Terra to Tara and back again, Terra Markov is a deeply complex character whose troubled past rivals that of Patty Hearst. Hers is a tale of trust broken and earned, and broken again.

Tide yourself over until the next installment of Young Justice: Outsiders by diving into the history and evolution of Terra Markov in the article below. You can also locate it in the News section of DC Universe:

Do you expect the writers of Young Justice: Outsiders to borrow heavily from these storylines, or will they in turn evolve Terra even further? Let us know in the comments below!


It doesnt seem credible that Tara has any real motive to betray the Titans, except temporarily out of empathy for captives that abused her. I think her strength of character development is as significant as her developing her earth powers. And she and Beast Boy are an awesome romantic team! As she discovers how some forces destroyed her family, I could see her playing as a plant in the Titans for the ultimate purpose of destroying Slade and his group (without letting the Titans in on her plan).