The Evolution of Green Lantern John Stewart

“For many DC fans, the name John Stewart is synonymous with Green Lantern. He started off as a backup relief player, and eventually headlined his own comic book title. Throughout his history, he’s served as Earth’s protector as well as that of other worlds. He’s been a Darkstar, a Guardian, and an inspiration to fans for decades. But if for some reason you’re unfamiliar with John Stewart, then let’s take a look at why he’s one of the most awesome DC Super Heroes ever…”

Read the full evolution of John Stewart by following the link below, or locating the article in the News section of DC Universe:

What’s your favorite John Stewart storyline? Are you a John Stewart Super Fan? Let us know in the comments below!


GL John Stewart is my favorite DC character


ABSOLUTELY! He deserves to have his own movie! THE Green Lantern brand needs a major reboot. Bringing in John Stewart will definitely do it.


He’s my 2nd favorite GL after Kyle and is an underrated DC superhero!

I want a GL Corps movie with all earth GL, except guy


John Stewart is my favorite lantern and he should be the lantern in the new Justice League movies.

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I LOVE GL John Stewart. His character in the animated series peaked my interest in comics and the Green Lantern stories. He’s awesome! :heart_eyes:

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I miss Green Lantern - The Animated Series. It was by far one of the best animated shows OF ALL TIME. The plot was as thick as rice pudding, as intricate as a course in computer ethics, and as layered as my girdle on a Saturday night. :smiley: Bring it back! We need a season 10 - not just one season! Oh, and John Stewart’s really cool too. But bring back the animated series with all the same voices, writers, and producers, PLEASE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP!

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Like many, I really never cared about John before JL/JLU. After that I’ve been a huge and would love to go back and read through his old runs.

  1. Hal
  2. Guy
  3. Kyle
  4. Bunch of others
  5. John

This is why we need
Val-Zod Superman
Wallace West ll
(Silver, Gold and red ) Flash
Kaldur’ahm (Aquaman)
Amazing Man
Nubia (Wonder Woman)
Captain Thurder
Michael Holt Mr Terrific
Powergirl Tanya Spears
This is what I called celebrating Black History Month the right way

John Steward was the GL I grew up with. Even though I knew about Hal due to the super-friends re-runs, I always found his character to be very bland ( the movie didn’t even help the case). John felt more serious and honest in a hero perspective. He’s definitely got my respect as GL.

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So dope

John will always live in Hal’s shadows…:wink:

Tbh I found out boy Kyle Rainer before John Stewart but when I did I became a big fan.