The End of Amnesiac Ric In October

Nightwing is almost back OMG YAASSS!!! I can’t wait! I can start reading comics again! AND to mention the Titans in helping to bring Dick back to himself is Chef’s Kiss Could we see the Titans return to comics as well??? Like they might actually do something right for once. Who else is excited?


I’m pretty excited too! I didn’t make it far into the Ric storyline before I lost interest completely. Maybe #58 or #59. I don’t quite remember…

I suppose I should probably read them at some point but I was just so frustrated and disappointed that I couldn’t.

Anyone here stayed caught up with them? Is it worth toughing through?

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It’s gotten better under Jurgens. Ric is still terrible but Jurgens has done some good stuff with Talon and especially the Joker War lead up. Just plow through to get to that stuff.

Yeah once I heard about Batman 50 I was like “REALLY??? AGAIN?! You gotta be kidding me.” But at the same time I was like it won’t last and who knows maybe something good comes out if it like with Grayson. But once the amnesia story started I lost interest completely. I was like nope. Hard pass :-1:t2: